Eric Lefkofky Fights Against Cancer With Breakthrough Tech

Cancer has long been the single worst plight that affects large groups of diverse sections within society. The horrible disease strikes down individuals regardless of financial, ethnic, societal, or public standing as it indiscriminately rips apart the lives of those affected by it. Despite our best efforts as a society to eradicate the disease and have it follow the same path as polio or cholera, doctors, researchers, and medical professionals have yet to find a viable cure. As work continues to find that cure, those affected by the disease have to other option than to enter treatments designed to kill the disease. Often though, the very treatments utilized to stop the progress of the disease and send it further into remission wreak havoc on the bodies of those they are designed to save.

The symptoms of the most popular treatments have now long been associated with the actual damage caused by cancer as the two are almost inseparable. Symptoms like the persistent flu, diminished immune systems, weight loss, and even severe hair loss all accompany the traumatic damage caused by the disease itself.

Though some philanthropically-minded individuals are hoping to turn the tables in favor of helping researchers finally put an end to cancer. Lefkofsky at Facebook .

Some, like Tempus‘ own founder Eric Lefkofsky, have turned to utilizing the breakthroughs in technology to finally start shifting the tides of war in this battle against cancer.  Lefkofsky and his talented team at Tempus are providing doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals with the ability to finally aggregate all the data they receive while treating patients in a way that can be used to determine which treatments are most effective for each variety of cancer and at what stage. Their systems take all the information that is already taken by doctors but pass it through their systems and algorithms to find identifiable patterns to be used by the researchers. for more.