Arthur Becker’s Latest Real Estate Project

If you walked into Arthur Becker’s real estate office this week you would see that it is also an art studio. You’ll find half built sculptures, new paintings, and a variety of other projects hanging around. On the other side you’ll also see that Becker is a diligent, focused, and passionate real estate mogul. Arthur Becker is a meeting of multiple worlds. He’s unabashedly an art lover but he also knows how to succeed in the sometimes corporate-stiff world of real estate. Let’s look at his latest project and how he came to this point.

In a report by NY Daily News, for years Arthur Becker has largely been behind the scenes as a silent partner for a variety of real estate deals in and around New York. Now, Becker is focusing on bringing his name to the front of the building with his work at 465 Washington Street. Becker bought into this development project in order to design and build up his own luxury condo unit. The condo will feature eight luxurious units that feature high end amenities along with the same artistic lean that Becker so loves in his own personal life. Right now the condo is expected to sell for nearly $53 million when it is all said and done. Not bad for a former stockbroker, right?

In an article on Huffingtonpost, Becker made his first fortune in the sterile field of stocks. He bought and traded tech companies back in the early ’00s before he hit it big and scored his first big cash out. Becker was a lifelong stockbroker up until this point but he soon realized that he had other passions in life that were worth chasing. This led Becker to pursue a variety of different investments as he sought the thing that would bring him his next round of success.

Along the way Arthur Becker has invested in numerous companies and products. He’s invested in macadamia nut farms, custom binoculars, ancient currencies and more. What we’ve learned most from Becker’s story is this: if you have a will you can find a way. Becker’s commitment to following his heart and passion has proven to be effective and admirable.

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