Sujit Choudhry: One Of The Finest Legal Minds Canada Has Ever Produced

Professor Choudhry is one of the most revered comparative constitutional lawyers in the world. The legal virtuoso was involved in drafting and amending of the constitutions numerous nations across the globe. A few of the countries laws’ bearing his mark are Jordan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ukraine, Egypt, Nepal, and Tunisia.


Core Specialization


Today, Sujit’s primary specialties are in designing frameworks capable of facilitating the peaceful transitions in troubled democracies, drafting a constitution to heal and bridge the sharp divisions in particular societies. The Berkeley professor oversees the change from federalism, decentralization and in session clauses in nations. He regularly serves as a special consultant on matters involving official language policies in different countries, special interests group’s rights advocacy, and governance-related oversights.


He is internationally respected for his exceptional mastery of the Canadian Constitutional law. The Canadian professor has written extensively on that comparative law. His library now consists of well over ninety articles, book chapters, reports, and papers.


Boards Serving


Professor Sujit Choudhry currently serves on various legal councils. These include service on the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law abbreviated as (ICON-S). Another forum is the Constitutional Review of Courts. He’s also a distinguished fellow of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law board.


Notable Achievements


Professor  Sujit Choudhry is in charge of running the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The main responsibility of the center is to come up with legally sound, impermeable constitutions. It utilizes the best comparative legal minds on the planet to reach a unanimous conclusion and agreement on some of the contentious issues found in these legal agreements. Besides, the distinguished scholar works at the UN’s Mediation Roaster Board. He advises the World Bank and the UNDP.


LGBT Supporter


Despite his involvements in the vehement opposition to the planned overhauls targeting the then existing municipal authorities in Toronto, Canada, he still received the 2010 Trudeau Fellowship award. He’s also a staunch supporter of the LGBT community, openly expressing his support for same-sex marriages.  Hop over to this.


Education and Work


Based on, The Berkeley Dean holds two law degrees. One from Toronto Canada, and the other from Harvard. He attended Harvard on a full Rhodes scholarship. He once served as the clerk to the Chief Justice of Canada. The Don used to teach law at the NYU School of Law before heading to Berkeley. Before lecturing at New York, he was employed by the University of Toronto on the Faculty of Law.

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