Cotemar: The Backbone of Mexico’s Oil & Gas Sector

The oil & gas sector of Mexico plays an important role in the country’s economy, and Cotemar is believed to be the backbone of this sector. It offers key services to various companies especially Pemex. Cotemar was founded in 1971 to provide services to the country’s energy sector. With the passage of time, it became the key service provider in fields like specialized vessels, catering, and accommodation, especially in the Campeche Bay area.

Cotemar is known for using advanced technology to provide effective solutions and processes to Mexican oil & gas industry. Pemex is receiving highly efficient and result-oriented solutions from Cotemar for thirty-eight years. Cotemar fulfills the requirements of Pemex by providing a variety of services like accommodation, catering, specialed vessels, construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering.

Two contracts of Cotemar with Pemex were unfortunately cancelled due to the fluctuating oil prices in the global market. However, Cotemar is confident of getting out of the problems soon. An official of the company told media that energy sector experience such crisis due to problems like a budget cut. The step taken b Pemex has also affected other companies in the market. A specialist in boat manufacturing named Prosafe was forced to delay its work with Cotemar due to the problem.

The officials of the Prosafe confirmed that Cotemar is delaying the work of boats due to Pemex’s budget cut. Cotemar was expected to receive three submersible platforms from Prosafe. However, Prosafe has no other option but to fire two thousand people from its workforce. The number of people left in the workforce of Prosafe is five thousand.

Cotemar is continuing to provide specialized vessels service to the National Oil Company for various tasks like transportation, maintenance, and construction of production platform. The manager of Prosafe said that Cotemar also uses boats manufactured by other companies. Cotemar still has other contracts with Pemex for which many boats are providing services. Prosafe’s manager added that the situation would be getting better after some time.

Cotemar was forced to reduce its equipment’s renting price two years ago when the crude oil prices were lowered to fifty dollars per barrel. The manager of Prosafe denied he criticized Premex rather he appreciated the steps taken by Pemex to make necessary changes in contracts and management. He agreed that those actions were by global trends. Cotemar is busy in modernizing its offshore rigs and processing centers to provide better service.