The Inspirational Educationist – Eva Moskowitz

Eva Sarah Moskowitz is a renown entrepreneur. She was born in 1964, attended Stuyvesant high school, later at the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated with B.A in history and a Ph.D. in American history from the Johns Hopkins University in 1991. She has served as a visiting professor of communication and mass culture in the past. At the same time, Eva has worked as an assistant professor of history at the City University of New York and headed the Public Affairs department. While at the Prep for Preps schools she was a civics teacher, and as the Chair of the Faculty Seminar in American Studies at the Columbian University in the City of New York. Much later she became a city council member where she advocated for education.


In 2006 she started a chartered school name the Success Academy, which grew to become the largest chartered school in the New York City in less than a decade. It serves 11,000 children in 34 facilities. Eva Sarah Moskowitz has changed the education system through strategically encouraging diversity and parental participation. She has introduced technique and education models which improve the education quality, lead to a higher grade, community involvement, and personal development. She has openly opposed the current public boring elementary school curriculum which she found not challenging enough. The argument was that high-performing students were doing worse that low performing student from other countries. The education system through her contribution is slowly being forced to crush the bureaucracy so that they can help struggling students, improve kindergarten programs and be aware of learning disabilities before time.


Eva Moskowitz success in running her school using her education strategies has proved to be the solution to the education system. In fact, Success Academy enrolls students from struggling families and neighborhood that are performing very well. She continues to get fully accomplished in changing the education. In 2016, Moskowitz received an award by Savas for public-private partnership from the Reason Foundation.


About Success Academy

It is a popular school in New York City which uses a unique approach education by getting rid of common education and teaching methods to bring about parent- teacher involvement techniques that helps assist poor students in identifying their weak areas and helping work on them.