Lifeline Health Services & Screenings

Lifeline Health is a proud leader in the community offering various noninvasive preventative screening tests that find signs of preexisting conditions before they become serious health concerns. Lifeline also offers additional resources besides just screening such as a blog that is full of health news about things you should look out for in your health. It also offers tips for things you can do to keep your health at a premium as you move through each phase of your life. The blog is updated with new information regularly about our services as well as other information to help you determine when something might be wrong and you might need screening because no one knows your body better than you. It’s also a great resource if you just want to live a healthier lifestyle and make health choices that will benefit you now and into the future and learn more about Lifeline Screening.


In addition to our blog Lifeline Health is proud to provide our patients quality information through our Lifeline Screening Health E-Newsletter which is full of information on how to help treat conditions you or loved ones may suffer from. Some of these conditions include things like chronic illnesses, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart conditions, or other conditions and more information click here.


Upon learning more information about your health in general and getting a set of baseline screening tests done you can see what conditions you may have, and then can take positive steps to help improve those situations. Here at Lifeline Health we are here to provide you with not only screening tools to help with early detection of possible health conditions, but also with solutions to help improve your health to help you live a healthier, happier, fuller life going into the future while managing those same conditions as well.


These are some of the resources that we here at Lifeline Health offer our patients. Please take advantage of these resources, and remember that being proactive on health conditions you may have can only help you feel and be healthier and happier as you move into the future and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.

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A Look at CEO Troy McQuagge’s Career and Awards in the Insurance Industry

In January 2017 One Planet Awards announced the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc., Troy McQuagge, was the Gold Winner of their CEO of the Year Award. This prestigious award is a mark of accomplishment as it is a global competition of nominees drawn from every size of a company around the globe. It’s also not just confined to for- profit public companies as nominees are also competing in the world of privately held companies and nonprofits.

When receiving the award, Troy McQuagge said that the award really belonged to the entire team at USHEALTH Group as without their daily efforts and commitment to providing affordable healthcare insurance policies he wouldn’t have won.

This isn’t the only recent award that Mr. McQuagge has earned. In August 2016 he was the Gold Award Winner for the Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance award. This award was handed to Troy at the annual CEO World Awards banquet. He also credited his team for this win while speaking at the awards show, including the captive career agents that USHEALTH Advisors has a network of around the United States.

Troy McQuagge has worked in the field of insurance for over 34 years. He started his career at Allstate Insurance Company where he worked as an insurance agent. In 1995 he advanced his career by joining UICI, which was later acquired by Blackstone Group and renamed HealthMarket.

In 2010, McQuagge came to USHEALTH Group where, do his experience in the field, he was assigned to turn around USHEALTH Advisors which the captive agent distribution network. His work proved tremendously successful and, as a result, he was named the President and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group in 2014. Since that time the company has been very successful in growth and profitability.

The company that Troy McQuagge leads, USHEALTH Group, provides healthcare insurance policies to self-employed individuals and small business owners. They offer an Essential Health Benefits plan that provides coverage through a PPO network. They also offer specialized healthcare plans that can be customized to fit the customer’s specific needs.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Offering Quality Care

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) was established in 1973 and specializes their services in Anesthesia for general, regional, monitored, pediatric, obstetric, and cardiovascular practices. Currently, CAA is one of the largest independent practices of physicians that specialize in anesthesiology. They provide quality care to more than 20 medical facilities in the Austin Texas area. The physicians at CAA are board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and provide care to Level 1 trauma centers, high-acuity hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers around Austin.

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Along with the qualified physicians, CAA employs Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) that provide assistance to create a comfortable experience for all patients. Additionally, the CRNAs and RNs are specially trained in pain management, pre-operative, and post-operative evaluations to help with hospital staff. The medical equipment that is need to maintain a consistent quality service is properly serviced by the anesthesia technicians that work closely with CAA to ensure proper functionality in the operating room.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association is sought after for alleviating pain and anxiety before, during, and after surgical procedures. The focus of CAA is to consistently adhere to the needs of their patients and to practice top-notch standards in the field of Anesthesiology. CAA is proud to be apart of the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI), an institute that actively practices improvement to provide modern practices and education. CAA works with AQI to establish their place in quality practice, and patient care.