Bringing Out The Goodness With WEN Cleansing Conditioner

WEN by Chaz Dean is used by many celebrities and red carpet starlets who spend time in front of the camera showing off their shiny locks. If it can work for the stars, it can work for us too, right?

A professional hair stylist and beauty writer decided to take on WEN ultra moisturizing cleansing conditioner and let us know how she fared. Would she too have a glamorous mane atop her head like a red carpet celebrity?

Emily McClure let us in on her blog post so we could see how her hair looked through the course of a week. During her trial period using theĀ  Amazon best selling moisturizing cleansing conditioner she took a picture each day to give the viewers a good look at how the product was effecting her hair.

Though Emily felt that Wen may have been heavy in her hair, it is only because she was used to her stripping shampoo leaving her hair weightless. Her old ultra stripping shampoo also left her hair devoid of shine, color, and bounce, so there was something to be gained with the weightier oils of WEN.

The WEN imparted such an amazing color to Emily’s hair it looks as if it had been colored in the salon. No, it is only the WEN creating a glow of health that brought the natural color of her hair to the surface. Included with the saturated glow of color was a brilliant shine that bounces off the flash of the camera. It is evident even after one wash that this product is bringing the good vibes back to Emily’s locks but by the end of the week we are assured, that WEN cleansing conditioner is taking it to the next level. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info, and visit the website