Bustle Blogger Chooses WEN System for Healthy, Glossy Hair

Emily McClure has a daily battle on her hands and that’s dealing with fine, limp hair that frizzes. As a beauty contributor, she gets to try lots of amazing beauty products, so this time she was reaching for the WEN hair no-poo method to see if she could get bouncy, shiny Hollywood hair.
Emily kept a hair diary with hair photos for her 7-day hair challenge and posted them to Bustle.com.

Emily was curious about Wen hair cleansing conditioners loved around the world. Chaz Dean had developed the unique and holistic way of caring for hair. Most women are unaware that regular shampoos and conditioners contain damaging chemicals that weaken strands. A WEN bottle of cleansing conditioner contains zero sulfates. It’s a system he is very proud of and one his celebrity clientele love and respect.

Emily decided on a daily AM wash with WEN in the shower. She noticed how thick and soft her hair appeared after she got into a routine of blow-drying and styling her shoulder length locks. Her facebook selfies showed gorgeous hair with bounce, and her girlfriends saw the difference.

If Emily stopped the routine and cleansed with WEN at night, she felt her hair was limp in the morning, and if she skipped the WEN wash altogether, her hair lacked manageability and seemed to get greasy quicker.

Once she returned to the simple WEN routine, her hair obeyed and delivered strong, non-frizzy, lustrous locks.

Maybe if Emily had used the suggested 16-24 pumps of WEN product for each wash for medium length hair, her style might have lasted for more hours. Emily chose only the minimum 10 pumps for short hair, because the product suggestion seemed excessive.

Other than that, Emily McClure believes that WEN is a winner, as long as you stay with the routine. Wen hair is available on the Guthy-Renker website. Buy the complete pack and get a discount.

FAQ’s? Go to http://www.wen.com/faq.html.