Rona Borre is Leading the Way in Chicago

Rona Borre is a successful business owner and leader in the Chicago area. Today’s corporate world has many areas where constant innovation is the norm, and being able to keep up with the prevailing trends is key. Recruitment is one such industry where it is vital to stay on your toes and not get complacent. Today’s overall economic landscape is one that is experiencing less than robust profit margins and every penny counts. It is in such an environment that hiring the right people becomes even more important. Few firms can afford to onboard and train new staff members only to have them quit within the first year.

Recruitment specialists are able to minimize the risk inherent with staff turnover and the best recruitment companies work to ensure that the best fit is made the first time. Instant Alliance is one such successful firm that listens to their clients in order to get them the right people from the start. When you have an accurate job description and know the skill set and experience that each position requires, you are ahead of the game and will likely find a good fit. Instant Alliance is very efficient in getting its clients the right people and thus minimizing the costs and negative productivity effects caused by high staff turnover.  Click on

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Rona Borre has led this successful recruitment company since she founded it in 2001 and under her leadership, it has grown year after year. Chicago is lucky to have such a dynamic and engaged business leader who is also committed to giving back. Rona Borre is known for her service to the Chicago area, both in her involvement in local boards of charitable foundations as well as her philanthropic efforts. Borre is dedicated to both her firm as well as her industry and Chicago.

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Patty Rocklage as a Marriage Role Model

Patty Rocklage is a seasoned family and marriage counselor who has gone beyond to bring tremendous impact on the lives of many grieving couples for the better. With over 20 years’ experience in her chosen career, she has successfully built a concrete customer base that depends on her for her expertise. As a licensed psychotherapist, she has the right temperament which enables her to neutralize tensions between persons and put them in their right minds to focus on what should be done for better outcomes. Patty is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, a renowned chemist, and a philanthropist. As a wife, she plays a supportive role to her husband, and advertently plays a marriage role model noticeable to couples in the vicinity who see her as not only a therapist but also a living testimony that marriage actually works. Patty Rocklage holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California since 1981.

Patty confronts many issues that militate against marriages. She is aware or has encountered the things that hinder marriages and is able to take care of people who come with different problems. In most cases, she sees there is the lack of communication between the spouses that normally aggravates the situation. She facilitates family discussion to ascertain problems and the issues that bring about communication breakdown. Based on scenarios established during these initial encounters she is then able to assist the couple to take a look at their marriage in a different manner and learn more about Patty.

As part of their philanthropic gesture, the Rocklages donated to a fund for the renovation of a Chemistry lab space in Building 2. Dr. Scot had studied in this Department of Chemistry. The couple took a tour of the renovated lab led by Professor Bawendi and two of his graduate students. Timothy Jamison, the current Head of Department, Sylvia Ceyer, former Head of Department and Professor Moungi Bawendi paid glowing tributes to the Rocklages. In response, Dr. Scot said, “MIT gave me the foundation for my professional life and career and with gratitude toward the Chemistry Department my wife and I offer this gift”.

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Why I Admire Susan McGalla

When I think of women in business, I often think of Susan McGalla. As a successful American businesswoman who achieved much at a fairly young age, McGalla is a wonderful example of how women can reach their goals in a male-dominated profession.

Born in 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio, Susan McGalla graduated from the University of Mount Union with a bachelor’s in business and marketing. She still serves on the UMU’s Board of Advisors. Right away, as a fresh business graduate, McGalla dove into the industry head first, ready to make her way in a career that has largely been occupied by men.

Susan McGalla serves as a prime example of a woman who began her business career at a very young age, yet succeeded in many pursuits. In her roles at various advisory, managerial, and marketing positions, she shows young, aspiring female business students and entrepreneurs that the world of business can indeed be tackled by women.

Best known for her role as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan McGalla has also worked in many other high profile business capacities. At the age of 22, McGalla began working in marketing and management at the Joseph Horne Company. Shortly after this she began working for American Eagle Outfitters.

When McGalla began working for American Eagle, the company was still largely focused on supplying apparel to male customers, check  In spite of this male-oriented atmosphere, McGalla succeeded in rising to the top of the company, serving as chief merchandising officer and president.

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Later in her career, after working for many big name companies, McGalla became a private consultant for financial investment companies and the retail industry. She was also appointed the Board of Directors of the commercial real estate enterprise, HFF Inc. Hop over to

These are just a few of the many reasons why I admire Susan McGalla