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Are you tired of working day after day feeling like you’re getting nowhere in your career? Well, it’s time to consider letting Wessex Institute of Technology give you a career boost! Wessex Institute has been a leader in giving post-graduates the skills they need to get into their dream career.

Located amid the beautiful New Forest National Park in England, Wessex Institute can connect you to the best industry professionals. With Wessex, you can build the network and the career that will last a lifetime.

Patty Rocklage as a Marriage Role Model

Patty Rocklage is a seasoned family and marriage counselor who has gone beyond to bring tremendous impact on the lives of many grieving couples for the better. With over 20 years’ experience in her chosen career, she has successfully built a concrete customer base that depends on her for her expertise. As a licensed psychotherapist, she has the right temperament which enables her to neutralize tensions between persons and put them in their right minds to focus on what should be done for better outcomes. Patty is married to Dr. Scott Rocklage, a renowned chemist, and a philanthropist. As a wife, she plays a supportive role to her husband, and advertently plays a marriage role model noticeable to couples in the vicinity who see her as not only a therapist but also a living testimony that marriage actually works. Patty Rocklage holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California since 1981.

Patty confronts many issues that militate against marriages. She is aware or has encountered the things that hinder marriages and is able to take care of people who come with different problems. In most cases, she sees there is the lack of communication between the spouses that normally aggravates the situation. She facilitates family discussion to ascertain problems and the issues that bring about communication breakdown. Based on scenarios established during these initial encounters she is then able to assist the couple to take a look at their marriage in a different manner and learn more about Patty.

As part of their philanthropic gesture, the Rocklages donated to a fund for the renovation of a Chemistry lab space in Building 2. Dr. Scot had studied in this Department of Chemistry. The couple took a tour of the renovated lab led by Professor Bawendi and two of his graduate students. Timothy Jamison, the current Head of Department, Sylvia Ceyer, former Head of Department and Professor Moungi Bawendi paid glowing tributes to the Rocklages. In response, Dr. Scot said, “MIT gave me the foundation for my professional life and career and with gratitude toward the Chemistry Department my wife and I offer this gift”.

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Equities First: Dependable Source Where Potential Investors Seek Capital

Building up your business and extending of strategies for successful business obliges you to purchase assets, for instance, new vehicles or new apparatus. Even though you may be having enough cash to take care of working capital expenses for your association, you may look for a loan to purchase new assets enabling your business to develop. Equities First stock loan will give you the benefit of paying fixed interests rates for an optimum time of three years while the borrower enjoys the high loan-to-value proportions. The company has been in operation for 15 years and having work facilities across the world, it has become a world lender.

Equities First can provide you with a stock loan that can be used to grow your business, as per what you are looking to extend your business with. All the more thus, with enough capital, you can purchase new or add business vehicles if seeking to establish your potential by enlarging your current armada. You could in like manner use the loan to buy office or IT equipment to guarantee your staff have all it takes to build up the business. Click Here for BusinessWire news .

Also new associations in beginning levels will need funds to start their operations. While lion’s share of executives will use their specific resources to start their business, very few can absolutely self-back the association to profitability, and will thus need to search for outside funding. There are a combination of alternatives for outside startup funding, including bank loans, gaining from family and colleagues, equity investment, crowd funding, among others. However, a good loan should keep you from financial stress. Currently, individuals have understood the fundamental significance of getting stock loans. According to the review, the pattern of looking for such sort of loans at Equities First Holdings has been expanding day and night. Equities First at LinkedIn . for more .

David McDonald President of OSI Group

David McDonald is President of OSI Group, a privately owned food organization that specializes in partnering with companies to deliver their food needs. OSI Group is most famous for their partnership with McDonald’s, supplying McDonald’s with food products all over the world.

McDonald focuses on ensuring that OSI Group is global, but also nuanced enough to fit the needs of consumers in its offices all over the world. This is largely controlled by having physical offices and plants around the world, so different cultural backgrounds and food tastes can be represented fairly. McDonald’s focus on growing OSI’s market in China has been a positive one, with the company supplying food for the 2008 Beijing Olympics without issue and celebrating over 20 years with their Chinese offices.

Partnering with suppliers has become a critical step in the expansion and success of OSI Group. As more and more consumers become more aware and conscious about their food choices, such as buying organic, healthy and good tasting food, working with suppliers to fulfill the demands of customers has been an important job. OSI Group works with their agricultural suppliers to ensure that their food is grown properly, and even has x-ray machines to detect any foreign particles in their food. Quality assurance is incredibly important to OSI Group and McDonald’s Youtube.

OSI Group has been recognized by McDonald’s corporation for it’s work in keeping what they do sustainable and safe for the environment. This involves keeping their impact on the environment low, keeping their workers safe and helping to increase food wellness. McDonald has said that sustainability is a core value at OSI Group, and with this acknowledgement, it is safe to say that OSI Group takes it very seriously and learn more about David.

Smart partnering choices, innovative technologies and global expansion are just a few ways in which OSI Group keeps growing and building as a business. McDonald’s focus on globalization and expanding plants and resources in China as well as being sensitive to different cultural and food tastes around the world have allowed him and OSI Group to remain a leader in the food service industries and more information click here.

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Equities First Holdings, The Alternative Source of capital

Equities First Holdings, often referred to as EFH was established in 2002. EFH is a leading global company with wholly owned subsidiaries offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, Sydney, Bangkok, Indianapolis and London. Al Christy is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EFH. The company uses the stocks of clients as collateral to provide them with capital.

Equities First Holdings Specialization

Equities First Holdings mainly specialises in the development of alternative lending solutions efficiently. The company’s main focus is on borrowers who require to quickly raise capital but cannot qualify for credit based loans. Equities First is considered as the alternative lender for borrowers to secure working capital. Qualification of loans have been tightened by most banks through the increment of interest rates and the cutting of lending options for the borrowers.

According to Al Christy, the usage of stocks to collateralize loans is the most efficient alternative for people who are in need of working capital. There is a fixed interest rate for stock based loans and where there is a likelihood of market fluctuations, the loans will provide a hedge. In downside market, borrowers tend to lower the investment risk.

Equities First Holdings Benefactors

The customers at Equities First Holdings can access money quickly at reasonable interest rates even when the economic seasons are harsh. The company has policies in place to mitigate market fluctuation issues. Therefore, individuals working with EFH benefit from the stability of the company and its partnership with the shareholders.

EFH uses publicly traded stock to facilitate clients with capital which helps them achieve their personal as well as professional goals. Clients that need money for personal reasons or business expansion can benefit from working with EFH. The individuals seeking to have an experience of capital flexibility can also benefit from Equities First Holdings. Read News Here .

Equities First Holdings prides itself in being among the leading companies in the finance sector. for more .


Cotemar: The Backbone of Mexico’s Oil & Gas Sector

The oil & gas sector of Mexico plays an important role in the country’s economy, and Cotemar is believed to be the backbone of this sector. It offers key services to various companies especially Pemex. Cotemar was founded in 1971 to provide services to the country’s energy sector. With the passage of time, it became the key service provider in fields like specialized vessels, catering, and accommodation, especially in the Campeche Bay area.

Cotemar is known for using advanced technology to provide effective solutions and processes to Mexican oil & gas industry. Pemex is receiving highly efficient and result-oriented solutions from Cotemar for thirty-eight years. Cotemar fulfills the requirements of Pemex by providing a variety of services like accommodation, catering, specialed vessels, construction, modernization, maintenance, and engineering.

Two contracts of Cotemar with Pemex were unfortunately cancelled due to the fluctuating oil prices in the global market. However, Cotemar is confident of getting out of the problems soon. An official of the company told media that energy sector experience such crisis due to problems like a budget cut. The step taken b Pemex has also affected other companies in the market. A specialist in boat manufacturing named Prosafe was forced to delay its work with Cotemar due to the problem.

The officials of the Prosafe confirmed that Cotemar is delaying the work of boats due to Pemex’s budget cut. Cotemar was expected to receive three submersible platforms from Prosafe. However, Prosafe has no other option but to fire two thousand people from its workforce. The number of people left in the workforce of Prosafe is five thousand.

Cotemar is continuing to provide specialized vessels service to the National Oil Company for various tasks like transportation, maintenance, and construction of production platform. The manager of Prosafe said that Cotemar also uses boats manufactured by other companies. Cotemar still has other contracts with Pemex for which many boats are providing services. Prosafe’s manager added that the situation would be getting better after some time.

Cotemar was forced to reduce its equipment’s renting price two years ago when the crude oil prices were lowered to fifty dollars per barrel. The manager of Prosafe denied he criticized Premex rather he appreciated the steps taken by Pemex to make necessary changes in contracts and management. He agreed that those actions were by global trends. Cotemar is busy in modernizing its offshore rigs and processing centers to provide better service.

Hussain’s DAMAC properties Success in Real Estate

A Dubai Government Decree in favor of Foreigners Saw the Formation of Damac Properties

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani saw an opportunity and jumped right in. Damac Properties came to be when the decree by the Dubai government gave foreigners permission to own property in the emirate. Damac Properties is a firm that specializes in the development of residential real estate products. At the time, Hussain Sajwani targeted non-emirates apartment buyers.

It was not difficult to perceive success right from the beginning. Hussain bought land in undeveloped part of town, at that time, and managed to sell several units in his 38-storey building in less than half a year. Hussain Sajwani has contributed significantly to the big name that Dubai enjoys today as a glittering travel destination.

Years before (2013) Donald Trump became the president of the United States; he teamed up with Damac Properties to construct two Trump-branded golf courses – the Trump International Golf Course, Dubai ( opened in February 2017) and the Trump World Golf Course (to be opened by the end of 2018). The golf courses are located at separate Damac Development properties.

Donald Trump’s close association with the real estate developer Hussain Sajwani, became more evident when he praised him in a press conference immediately after he was elected the president of the United States. Trump described Sajwani as an amazing man who had offered him a Dubai real estate deal worth $2 billion.

Immediately after he finished his studies at the University of Washington, Hussain began his career at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s subsidiary, GASCO, working as a contract manager. Hussain Sajwani was involved in the food service business. Some of his biggest clients were Bechtel (the construction giant) and the U.S military. He ventured into the catering business soon after he left GASCO in 1982.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani’s name is in the list of pioneers of the Dubai’s property market expansion. He constructed several hotels during the mid-90s to accommodate the growing number of people who visited the Emirates to trade and do business.

His success in business partly arises from his vast knowledge and expertise in property development ranging from sales and marketing to finance and administration. Today, Hussain Sajwani has huge projects in major cities such as Doha, Amman, Jeddah, Beirut, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, as well as London. His real time net worth according to Forbes stands at $3.6 billion.

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