Rona Borre Never Backed Down and Never Quit

Rona Borre never had any doubts when she started her company in 2001 called Instant Alliance. It was just a small company then, but today is one of the fastest growing staffing and recruiting companies on the planet and is billion millions to its clients. Have a peek on this.


Borre is also active in the Chicago business scene by serving in leadership positions with organizations like the Young Presidents’ Organization, the Economics Club of Chicago, and the Chicago Network.


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She is asked quite frequently to speak at various civic and business meetings as well as at other gatherings. Everyone wants to hear her tell her story and she is glad to do it. It is a story of inspiration in a negative world. Her message carries a lot of weight among women and young girls because they have career struggles and appreciate the encouragement.


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Borre discovered early on that most staffing companies approach the hiring process from the wrong direction. Most of them play the hundreds of resumes game, but Borre goes another direction and forges strong relationships with the brass of the company that is wanting to hire employees, and finds out in great detail who is needed and why. She then goes out and finds that person. Her retention rate is 99%, an astounding figure that is unmatched in the industry.


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