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Richard Mishaan, a renowned internal designer and founder of Richard Mishaan Desing, says that culture and travel are what excites the soul. His work stands out as he combines vintage, curated antiques and decorative objects that have bold colors and patterns. He applied that in the library he created for 2017’s Kip’s Bay Boys & Girls Club Decorator Show House. Richard said that in each of his homes he has a room just like that one for entertainment. If he likes it enough to have it in his homes, then we have no doubt the job was perfect.


Richard Mishaan design was inspired by a room that shows a range in change of time. Mr. Mishaan explained that it is like taking an artisan from the old time of families in Venice, silk when they were available and adding some more things of the present. The library’s walls looked like Topkapi Palace in London. He used animal prints in silk velvet and yards and of gimps, cords and woven tape and Fortuny fabrics to create the backdrop. Then, Orientalist art and a contemporary Audubon painting by Walton Ford collected were hanged.


Richard’s book

Artfully Modern is the second book Richard Mishaan wrote. It mainly focuses on his designs and how they are different from other designers. As mixing of era and styles are becoming more popular these days, Richard has been putting it together for a long time. In the book, some of his homes are featured to show how he create different designs and all come out breath-taking.


The company

Richard Mishaan Design organization was founded in 1991. It offers artistic internal designs for residential, commercial and hospitality clients. The firm has produced some of the most innovative projects in the world. Richard Mishaan Design has appeared severally in Elle Décor A List and the AD 100.

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