Rona Borre is Leading the Way in Chicago

Rona Borre is a successful business owner and leader in the Chicago area. Today’s corporate world has many areas where constant innovation is the norm, and being able to keep up with the prevailing trends is key. Recruitment is one such industry where it is vital to stay on your toes and not get complacent. Today’s overall economic landscape is one that is experiencing less than robust profit margins and every penny counts. It is in such an environment that hiring the right people becomes even more important. Few firms can afford to onboard and train new staff members only to have them quit within the first year.

Recruitment specialists are able to minimize the risk inherent with staff turnover and the best recruitment companies work to ensure that the best fit is made the first time. Instant Alliance is one such successful firm that listens to their clients in order to get them the right people from the start. When you have an accurate job description and know the skill set and experience that each position requires, you are ahead of the game and will likely find a good fit. Instant Alliance is very efficient in getting its clients the right people and thus minimizing the costs and negative productivity effects caused by high staff turnover.  Click on

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Rona Borre has led this successful recruitment company since she founded it in 2001 and under her leadership, it has grown year after year. Chicago is lucky to have such a dynamic and engaged business leader who is also committed to giving back. Rona Borre is known for her service to the Chicago area, both in her involvement in local boards of charitable foundations as well as her philanthropic efforts. Borre is dedicated to both her firm as well as her industry and Chicago.

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