Eric Pulier, Founder of XPrize, Leads Philanthropic Charge in Tech Field

Eric Pulier jumped into the tech world feet first after spending the bulk of his life preparing. Pulier has, of course, gone on to become one of the biggest tech entrepreneurs in the industry. He’s a renowned philanthropist, a writer, an entrepreneur, and a published author. Pulier came out of the ’90s having established some of the most important tech companies in L.A. So how did he get there? What led him to having such a wide and varied career? Well, let’s find out.


It all started back in New Jersey where Eric Pulier spent the bulk of his childhood. By 4th grade it was pretty darn apparent that he was fascinated by the world of technology. He would spend his free time learning how to program on computers. This was the ’80s. If you had a fascination with computers you really had to work to get your hands on it. So you knew, even then, that Pulier was fascinated by the potential. Then by the end of high school Eric Pulier was running his own computer database company. Next up was Harvard where he would graduate Magna Cum Laude. In the blink of an eye, it seemed like, Pulier was setting himself up in Los Angeles.


There are a great many companies that Pulier has been a part of that we could spend hours discussing. Pulier’s intrinsic ability to find the path to what the tech industry needed ended up serving him well. He’s worked in several major subsets of the tech world, including health care and education, and each step of the way he has improved upon what was there before him. However, it is his work outside of the industry that has made him so memorable.


Eric Pulier has turned philanthropy into an art form and, as a result, he has changed and saved lives in ways that most people never even think of. His work with the Painted Turtle summer camp has been a revelation for children suffering from harsh, chronic illness. Pulier continues to innovate within various industries and we are waiting on the edge of our seat to see what comes next.


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