David McDonald President of OSI Group

David McDonald is President of OSI Group, a privately owned food organization that specializes in partnering with companies to deliver their food needs. OSI Group is most famous for their partnership with McDonald’s, supplying McDonald’s with food products all over the world.

McDonald focuses on ensuring that OSI Group is global, but also nuanced enough to fit the needs of consumers in its offices all over the world. This is largely controlled by having physical offices and plants around the world, so different cultural backgrounds and food tastes can be represented fairly. McDonald’s focus on growing OSI’s market in China has been a positive one, with the company supplying food for the 2008 Beijing Olympics without issue and celebrating over 20 years with their Chinese offices.

Partnering with suppliers has become a critical step in the expansion and success of OSI Group. As more and more consumers become more aware and conscious about their food choices, such as buying organic, healthy and good tasting food, working with suppliers to fulfill the demands of customers has been an important job. OSI Group works with their agricultural suppliers to ensure that their food is grown properly, and even has x-ray machines to detect any foreign particles in their food. Quality assurance is incredibly important to OSI Group and McDonald’s Youtube.

OSI Group has been recognized by McDonald’s corporation for it’s work in keeping what they do sustainable and safe for the environment. This involves keeping their impact on the environment low, keeping their workers safe and helping to increase food wellness. McDonald has said that sustainability is a core value at OSI Group, and with this acknowledgement, it is safe to say that OSI Group takes it very seriously and learn more about David.

Smart partnering choices, innovative technologies and global expansion are just a few ways in which OSI Group keeps growing and building as a business. McDonald’s focus on globalization and expanding plants and resources in China as well as being sensitive to different cultural and food tastes around the world have allowed him and OSI Group to remain a leader in the food service industries and more information click here.

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