Jeffrey Schneider  and Ascendant Capital LLC are Giants in the Alternative Investment Industry

Jeffrey Schneider, a resident of Austin, Texas, is involved in the alternative investment industry and founded of Ascendant Capital, LLC of Austin. The company is a very diverse entity utilizing a range of operational, sales, education and marketing services culminating in a most innovative approach to structuring financial investments and portfolios. Ascendant Capital focuses their efforts on raising funds for emerging, as well as established alternative asset fund sponsors.

Mr. Schneider’s financial philosophy is alternative investments are the current better method for diversifying holdings and reducing volatility. Alternative investments are like an investment shock absorber. It keeps uncertain investment volatility from spinning out of control while minimizing profits and maximizing risk. It is a philosophy that works for him and his company as Ascendant Capital has raised almost $1 billion in 5 short years. During those five years Ascendant Capital has grown from two employees to more than 30 employees and the growth is expected to continue with financial projections to be as much as $50 million on a monthly basis.

The working environment at Ascendant Capital is a culture of team work. Trust is inspired by an open dialogue of ideas and a transparent agenda. Mr. Schneider prides himself on creating such a culture and gives that philosophy a great deal of credit for Ascendant Capital’s success. Add in superior customer service that is the company’s top priority and Mr. Schneider has found an equation for success.

Mr. Schneider brought a wealth of experience to Ascendant Capital when he established the company through his prior employment with Smith Barney, Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. His educational background includes earning a degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Mr. Schneider is also all about health and keeping one’s body and mind in good shape. To that end he maintains a healthy diet and exercise regime that enables him to participate in iron man and half iron man competitions and marathons on a regular basis. He also loves to travel the world and explore other lands, as well as cultures. He finds taking time to travel often serves as an inspiration to do his job better and enhance lives through alternate investments. He finds travel often allows him to develop better solutions for his alternative investment programs and enhance business opportunities.

He is a great believer and supporter in giving back to his community, as well as the world. He acknowledges he is a very fortunate individual and his desire to help others to achieve the same is inspiring. He supports a number of charitable organizations financially and with time. His charitable endeavors include the Gazelle Foundation, The Home for Cherokee Children, Wonders and Worries and God Loves we Deliver.


Bruce Levenson Seeks A Legal End To Danny Ferry Insurance Claim

The end of an era at any sporting institution can be a difficult one to undertake as a transition between leadership teams can be difficult to complete; however, the $730 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise appeared to be completed with ease for controlling consortium partner Bruce Levenson. That is until legal papers were recently filed in a Fulton County Court by the UCG owners attorney’s who are fighting on behalf of Levenson and his fellow consortium members over an insurance payout from the AIG corporation.

A legal battle has erupted over the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry midway through his six year $18 million contract. Ferry’s contract was terminated on June 22 2016 just days before the sale of the Hawks franchise was announced to the media amid the bid made by billionaire technology expert Tony Ressler. A series of comments and events were thought to have triggered a constructive dismissal claim over the termination of Ferry’s contract that has not been responded to by AIG; in the legal papers the financial settlement provided for Danny Ferry was not revealed, but Bruce Levenson’s lawyers are calling for a financial award from AIG and a large monetary penalty based on breach of contract and insurance bad faith.

Bruce Levenson arrived at the Atlanta Hawks,, after creating one of the most successful companies in the delivery of information sector for a number of industries. The United Communications Group was established as a single oil industry newsletter and has now expanded to become one of the world’s largest delivery systems for a range of industries. Levenson has used his wealth and success to back a number of charitable groups, including his major contributions to the establishment of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and its many educational programs.

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