Sergio Cortes: Personality committed to success

Sergio Cortes is a Surgical doctor and former executive secretary of Rio de Janeiro. He was born on 30 July 1971, and he was Chilean tennis player who completed one Grand Slam event. Cortes reached the third round of the US Open in 1993. He managed to defeat both Dutchman Jacco Eltingh and American Derrick Rostagno in four sets and was after that eliminated by Borris Becker in straight sets. 1993 was his best year in sports as he defeated the world number one Magnus Larsson in a championship in Florida.
Not only was he successful in sports, but he has been and now is very successful in his medical career. Cortes was previously the secretary of state in the department of health of Rio de Janeiro and was very committed to his job. In June 2013, his commitment was demonstrated by the way he handled the situation of Xerem, Duque de Caxias. He and his department team were visited Xerem to survey the areas affected by floods. The state government was running a Hydration center at the health center of Xerem. The problem was that there were only 12 chairs for hydration when the capacity needed to serve about 300 people per day.
In realizing that the accumulation of garbage would increase the possibility of dengue mosquito proliferation in the city, Cortes sort to put in place the preventive measures. In a meeting with the Camillo Junqueira, the municipal health secretary, and Mendonca, National Health Force Conception, it was decided that the state will commit itself to providing a new calamity kit Caxias for adding to the 3000 tablets antibiotic already in place for intervention against leptospirosis.

Cortes spearheaded the prevention measures to prevent the proliferation of diseases that contagion is through contaminated water. He ensured that a team was put up to disinfect the water and recommended that all people in the area use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. Also, Cortes instituted a situation room on Xerem health post to monitor the various health actions in the area. It also involved training employees working in the shelter to ensure they understand early identification of symptoms of the primary diseases. Both Zika and dengue were confirmed to have related symptoms for the patients making it hard to differentiate the disease.

Source: Extra

Premium Dog Food Now More Popular Than Ever

Fine dining and gourmet foods aren’t things that most people would instantly associate with dog food. But recent trends in the pet food industry show that a growing number of consumers are valuing quality above all when they shop for food that their companions eat. This has given rise to existing pet food manufacturers changing their recipes, launching new lines of premium products and paying more attention to the nutritional value that their products have. Some dog food brands, such as Beneful by Purina, have been offering premium dog nutrition for several years now. Beneful has always been regarded as a higher quality dog food brand by consumers and the company takes great care to choose ingredients that are not only tasty and attractive to dogs, but also contain the nutrients that they need to stay healthy all of their lives. Beneful has a full lineup of dog food products. They offer the standard dry kibble, wet food made from real meats and vegetables, as well as a large selection of dog treats. Their line of wet foods is very well received by consumers, as it offers complete nutrition based on natural ingredients, while still being affordable. One can find plenty of dog owners saying that their pets prefer Beneful food over any other brand. Larger and more established brands aren’t the only ones producing premium dog food anymore. Smaller startups like Freshpet in Pennsylvania are active in the industry as well. According to a report by the Daily Herald, Freshpet has gourmet chefs creating refrigerated dog food that looks closer to what humans would have on their plates than something out of a pet food can. Premium dog food products now represent just over half of the entire Amazon market. In the US alone, $10.5 billion worth according to yahoo finance of high-quality dog food has been sold since 2009. Even though dog food that uses fresh ingredients like meat and vegetables is more expensive to produce and thus costs more to buy, dog owners seem to realize that just like people, pets need to eat healthy to stay healthy.

The Human Rights Foundation and Thor Halvorssen are Fighting for Freedom

The Human Rights Foundation is a New York based nonpartisan nonprofit which is dedicated to promoting freedom internationally. They define freedom in terms of liberal democracy: freedom of speech, association and worship, equal treatment under the law, free participation in government, the freedom from slavery and torture etc. Historically HRF has focused on the societies where freedom is most threatened by oppressive regimes. They work on multiple fronts simultaneously to effect greater change. Examples of their strategies include producing media, campaigning to free political prisoners, helping activists escape oppressive regimes, running the Center for Law and Democracy, working to educate citizens in closed societies such as Cuba and North Korea about their rights and administering the Vaclav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent.

HRF was founded by Norwegian-Venezuelan human rights activist Thor Halvorssen. Fluent in four languages and constantly travelling to support HRF’s mission, Halvorssen is widely considered to be changing the face of human rights activism. Events in his personal life spurred him to dedicate his talents to the pursuit of freedom as a fundamental human right. Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned for political reasons in Venezuela in 1993 leading Halvorssen to engage with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to gain his freedom. Ten years later his mother was shot while participating in a peaceful political protest in Venezuela. These events also underscore Halvorssen’s and HRF’s commitment to nonviolence.

Halvorssen has gained international attention for HRF’s cause through his work producing documentaries such as Sugar Babies and The Singing Revolution. Sugar Babies, which focuses on children in the Dominican Republic being forced into labor on sugar farms, won critical praise and has been adopted by other human rights organizations as a tool to raise awareness. As HRF has grown Halvorssen has expanded its influence by founding the Oslo Freedom Forum. This annual gathering of human rights advocates and workers is quickly becoming the most important forum of its kind internationally.

The Amazing Success of Sergio Cortes

Health secretary Sergio Cortes has always been right at the forefront when it comes to helping relieve problems related to health issues. When the floods struck, Sergio Cortes knew that he needed to help in the relief efforts. In addition to the 3,000 tablets that were already provided, Extra reported that another calamity kit was to be delivered to the disaster area. They are looking to stop the spread of disease in the area. There are many precautions that are being taken by Cortes and his colleagues to ensure the safest treatment of these individuals.

Cortes has been very key in teaching the different ways to identify and prevent different diseases. He has been able to go into areas that are in need and really see where disease is running rampant. This is something that has helped him to create a great deal of change in developing regions that are uneducated about disease control. Sergio Cortes has helped to also bring supplies into the hands of those who really need them most. Delivering information and medical supplies to regions that are in the most need is something that drives Cortes in his medical career.

The future of Cortes and his medical career looks very bright as he pushes forward with his commitment to helping prevent the spread of disease in the regions that need it the most. There are many different aspects of disease control that Cortes is really focusing on, and this will help to create a whole new level of confidence in these regions which need it the most. Cortes will stop at nothing to bring this level of medical care to all those who are in need of it. Cortes continues to gain the level of recognition that you may expect for an individual who is working so hard on these issues.

The future looks very bright for Cortes as he is using the latest in medical technology to help him with his battle against disease. He will be more effective as the years go on and the medical technology advances to the point where it will really be able to stop the spread of diseases.

The Fast Growth of FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a startup company that is based in Los Angeles and has already reached millions of users on a global basis within the last year. What makes FreedomPop a unique company is the fact that it gives away free services for a small signup fee. This model is a unique model from the traditional mobile carrier services that offer data, texting, and voice minutes for a price.

In recent news, FreedomPop has already expanded the market by making over $50 million beyond the company’s home market in the United States. This revenue is a result of the several new launched international products that have been selling rapidly. These international products include free hotspot that gives users free data in over 25 different countries. Though there is a small fee to pay up front, the price is cheaper in the long-run. In addition to this, the added SIM card will give users access to free services such as calls as well as data.

FreedomPop has been able to offer these additional services and products through additional funding that has been provided. The additional funding that put FreedomPop at $50 million came after FreedomPop had raised $30 million after the initial investments from Intel. The other investors that are funding FreedomPop remain a mystery. Stephen Stokols, the CEO and founder of FreedomPop has only hinted that this large investor is a private-equity group.

FreedomPop has become a successful mobile carrier as a result of the fact that this carrier is not an average mobile carrier. FreedomPop gives its users free data, voice, and texts and only makes a profit when extra data, minutes, and texts are desired to be purchased. Users of FreedomPop are even able to have unused minutes, data, and text roll over to the next month which overall cuts the cost of using this carrier.

FreedomPop is a company that is proud to have ventured out into the international market. The UK was FreedomPop’s first international market and already has the conversion level of 45 percent since the last year. The projection for UK is that the company will officially hit over one million years within the first year or two of being in the international market. Currently the desire of Mr. Stokol’s and his investors is to expand this mobile carrier all over Europe and then into Asia and into Latin America. His overall goal is to expand into 40 different countries within the next year.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Goes to the Worst Area of Flooding Region

“The level of concern is high, as is the level of uncertainty” is what the World Health Organization director general Dr. Margaret Chan said recently in a meeting with her executive board members. Just ask Brazilian Sec. of Health Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Sergio Cortes has been actively combating the disease since May of last year when it was first detected in Brazil. Health Sec. Cortes explains to Extra.Globo the lack of immunity in Brazil for this virus has greatly aggravated the situation. Meteorologists say that the weather phenomenon known as El Niño is also greatly contributed to the torrential downpours that are affecting the area.

Considering the fact that there is no vaccine for the Zika virus and the fact that no of early screening tests have yet been standardized secretary Cortes has decided to go after the Aedes aegypti mosquito because that is the most common way that the Zika virus can be transmitted between humans. The reason is that the human beings are not contagious and therefore cannot transmit the Zika virus however as soon as a mosquito bites an infected person and then becomes a vehicle to spread the contagion quickly. We are seen how quickly rapidly spread in the last several months from Brazil to Columbia and then to 24 countries and South and Central America it then spread to North America and has been found in Mexico and in several states in the United States of America.

Secretary Cortes has assembled evaluation teams of state workers and volunteers that have been trained and and are ready to help disinfect the contaminated water in the region of the city and greater area near Xerém, Duque de Caxia. Most of the members of that will be deployed will consist of people with local knowledge that will help in the discovery of state and contaminated water that will then be disinfected with sodium hypochlorite. Seven emergency centers have been built with the goal of being able to serve to 300 people per day.

Dr. Cortes and his teams of both volunteers and state workers are working together to begin taking the action needed to try and avert a bigger problem for the rest of the country. Dr. Cortes explains how taking aggressive action directly to the breeding grounds (free standing water) will indeed be effective in it is hoped that the sodium hypochlorite will help to kill the larvae as well as to disinfect the contaminated waters in the region.

You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your Spirit Needs Recharging, Too

When we think of things that need to be recharged the first things that come to mind are our cell phone, tablets, laptop computers, and, possibly, our bank accounts. However, we often neglect to recharge ourselves. After reading about him on Bloomberg last week, one thing I took away from Jon Urbana is that I sometimes forget that the human spirit needs to be recharged regularly. One some days, it needs to be recharged more often than our phones. The days when nothing seems to go right and it feels like there is a glaring obstacle in every road and a high possibility of making the wrong decision and, of course, paying for it for years to come. This is the perfect time to recharge our human spirit and nothing accomplishes this faster than reading an uplifting news story. We need to regularly read about people who had incredible obstacles in their roads and overcame them and were faced with unimaginable decisions and fears and continued despite their own human insecurities. Read about the Boston Marathon runner who lost her leg in the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and how she is training to run a future marathon. Surely she had fears and insecurities to overcome. On a day when you need kindness read about a man, a stranger, who jumped in a river to save a young boy and remember that there is kindness in the world.

George Soros States Donald Trump Is Doing The Work Of Terrorists

In an interview with Bloomberg detailed by Forbes George Soros has been giving his views on everything from the U.S. Presidential election to problems in Europe and the Middle East. Soros is often referred to as the most successful hedge fund manager of all time on Forbes, particularly after being credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992.

The polarizing figure of potential Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump took up much of the interview of Soros as he addressed the actions of the New York based real estate mogul. George Soros explained his own thoughts on the call to close U.S. borders to all Muslims made by Trump, which he claimed was doing the work of ISIS by dividing the people of the world. Soros revealed he sees himself as something of a statesman for the people of the world because of his time spent as a child during World War II, according to the George Soros website. The Holocaust survivor believes he was treated with greater respect and sympathy after World War II than those who currently arrive in new countries as refugees. Following World War II Soros was provided with an education in London before moving to New York to start his investing career in the 1950s.

George Soros has been giving his own view on the coming U.S. Presidential race, which he believes will see a landslide victory for Hilary Clinton. Soros has been a major supporter of liberal and Democratic organizations across the U.S. and the world, but believes the rhetoric used by the Republican candidates in the buildup to the election has seen their stock fall across the world.

Returning to the subject of the global economy saw George Soros give his view that the people of the world could face a tough 2016 as markets across the planet will struggle. The world’s most successful hedge fund manager explained 2016 was a year to sell stocks and shares, instead of buying in an unstable market. The issues in the Middle East and Europe have caused major concern for Soros who believes the migrant crisis affecting both areas oft he world will need stronger leadership from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The potential collapse of the European Union and the single currency of the Euro would be a disaster in the eyes of the hedge fund expert and should be avoided at all costs. One area of optimism for 2016 offered by Soros was the news that George Soros believes the Chinese economy may struggle in the coming months, but will not collapse completely.

Brian Torchin and HCRC Fills Health Care Employment Needs

When you reach the age to be able to work, you quickly find out that finding a job is not all that easy and especially finding a job that is one that makes you glad to get up in the morning, be at work and do all you can for your job. Many people get caught up in a job that they do not like and are stuck in this job for years, if not a lifetime.

It is only through the hard work and efforts of a man who also realized just how hard it is to find employment in a profession that has a lot of demand, yet one that has doors of opportunity opened if you know where to look and at the right time.

This man is Brian Torchin, and he started at the very bottom of the ladder and worked his way up to the top. According to his resume this medical professional earned a Bachelor’s Degree in sports medicine and physical therapy. He is now a renown chiropractor, still practicing and has a background in sports medicine and physical therapy and now the CEO of a successful staffing agency.

It was sometime during his climb that he decided that he wanted to help other people in the medical industry find their niche and started a company called HCRC.

This trade relates to jobs within the demanding and challenging health care industry. This profession has always been in demand. The great thing is that this is a growing industry where technologies are spiraling out of control, and it becomes difficult to fill medical positions available, with just the right people.

Brian Torchin begins to work for you, finding you the exact job of your dreams. He finds all those open doors of opportunity meant for you and your future growth.

When Brian Torchin developed HCRC Staffing, he did this to answer a need in the medical arena. Trochin offers his expertise in career counseling.

Brian Torchin is the head of HCRC Staffing. Brian says on Twitter that they specialize in career counseling services for people working in the health industry. As a chiropractor himself, Brian Torchin knows all about having to find a job and the difficulties that come with the prospects of landing the ideal position in the medical field. Many times the cream of the crop medical positions never hit a public list, because it is who you know when a significant medical position becomes available.

It is not just the people who are searching for their job niche that HCRC helps; it is the professionals who need people to fill these positions. This double need in the health care industry is why Torchin commits himself to opportunities on both sides of the fence for the employer and the employee.

Torchin set up his award-winning medical staffing business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and since the doors opened, HCRC grew and continued to grow to reach out across the United States.

Torchin finds the talent among health care professionals to find gainful employment helping to fill the vacancies that employers have available. Torchin is in the match-making business of pairing the ideal employee with the ideal employer.  Check out Brian’s Vimeo where he talks healthcare, and finding a career in today’s climate.

Ricardo Guimarães leadership at BMG

Ricardo Guimaraes is the president of the BMG a company widely known for its financial services, has made the company successful. He is a firm supporter of football clubs in Brazil where the company is treated as a household name. His careers as the head of the enterprise sprout up in the year 1980 when he served as a Finance manager until the year 1989. In the year 1996, he was appointed the vice-president of the company then later became the president of the company.


He is strong, focused and hardworking which makes him to be a key figure as a leader in the company. The company started offering financial products to individuals and businesses. BMG later redirected into retail and wholesale financial provider which was run by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. Ricardo Guimaraes being the president of BMG, which made the company stand out as the best financial solutions provider with strong foundations in Brazil. It offers low and affordable interest rates which attracts most investors in Brazil. He advocates the laying of strong credit and investment structures that make economic sense to investors.


Brazil is closely attached to BMG due to the impact that it brings to the society. Football being in the heart of many citizens makes the company to be widely known. The company sponsors more than half of the clubs in Serie A. It is under Ricardo Guimaraes leadership that more investment was directed towards the clubs even if he is a strong supporter of Club Atletico Mineiro. The company’s products are advertised through the support they offer as its initials are visible on all teams’ attire. He believes in collaborating with other partners such as the clubs to market the product that makes the company to stand out as a leader.


Ricardo Guimaraes is well known for his entrepreneurial skills which are demonstrated by the company’s performance. His innovative strategies that steered the company to its glory were solely his inventions. The company has been ranked to be the most efficient institution on lending and other financial solutions. Team management and offering direction to other staff are the main attributes that has been linked to Ricardo Guimaraes as the president of the company. Ricardo Guimaraes has built a foundation for the company being the most efficient financial and human capital handler in the heart of Brazil. As compared to other countries such as United States of America, entrepreneurship skills that Ricardo is portraying are unique.