Bruce Levenson Seeks A Legal End To Danny Ferry Insurance Claim

The end of an era at any sporting institution can be a difficult one to undertake as a transition between leadership teams can be difficult to complete; however, the $730 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise appeared to be completed with ease for controlling consortium partner Bruce Levenson. That is until legal papers were recently filed in a Fulton County Court by the UCG owners attorney’s who are fighting on behalf of Levenson and his fellow consortium members over an insurance payout from the AIG corporation.

A legal battle has erupted over the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry midway through his six year $18 million contract. Ferry’s contract was terminated on June 22 2016 just days before the sale of the Hawks franchise was announced to the media amid the bid made by billionaire technology expert Tony Ressler. A series of comments and events were thought to have triggered a constructive dismissal claim over the termination of Ferry’s contract that has not been responded to by AIG; in the legal papers the financial settlement provided for Danny Ferry was not revealed, but Bruce Levenson’s lawyers are calling for a financial award from AIG and a large monetary penalty based on breach of contract and insurance bad faith.

Bruce Levenson arrived at the Atlanta Hawks,, after creating one of the most successful companies in the delivery of information sector for a number of industries. The United Communications Group was established as a single oil industry newsletter and has now expanded to become one of the world’s largest delivery systems for a range of industries. Levenson has used his wealth and success to back a number of charitable groups, including his major contributions to the establishment of the U.S. Holocaust Museum and its many educational programs.

For more info, refer to Bruce Levenson wiki page and personal website,

Healthy and Shiny Hair With Using Wen Hair Care

The change that Wen Hair Care made in her hair in just a week’s time is outstanding. The shine and bounce to her hair is obvious and makes her hair appear very healthy as compared to her picture before using the product. Even though she was not pleased with the time involved in using the product or the oily feeling it gave her hair, you can see an obvious improvement in the appearance of her hair and even her friends noticed this change. In this case, perhaps using slightly less of the product would help to make her hair feel less oily, but regardless it has improved the appearance of her hair in just one week.
Unlike commercial products, Wen Hair Care does not strip the hair of its natural oils and only enhances the oils of hair which provides you with shiny and healthy hair. Another unique quality of this Guthy-Renker advertised system is that you have a shampoo and conditioner in one bottle which cleanses your hair and leaves it soft, silky and manageable at the same time. This improves the quality of every hair type whether it is thin and fine or thick and coarse. Wen not only offers this product but also other products such as styling sprays, oils, hair balms, creams and many others that can provide you with long-lasting manageable hair that can remain stylish even longer throughout the day. With the multitude of scents they offer, including sweet honey peach, lavender, fig, apple and many others there is truly something everyone would love.

When you have healthy and shiny hair it promotes youth and health and it gives you the self confidence to tackle everyday life whether it involves your personal life or your professional life. With the Wen system you have a product that gives your hair the shine and bounce you desire and saves you time in the process.  For updates, be sure to follow Wen hair on Twitter.

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Dr. Jennifer Waldren

One of the most successful doctors to be from Austin has recently returned to the city to rebuild their practice. Not only are they an extremely successful surgeon, that person is also a woman. Her name is Jennifer Walden as she is one of the most respected beauty surgeons in the United States. She got her start in Austin, later transitioned to New York City, and is now in Austin running a quickly-building practice that she built up in just 3 years. She is also a mother as well. There is nothing that she can’t do.




Dr. Walden grew up in the city and went to school there. She got her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas. After that, she was wait-listed for medical school at Texas but later got in. She chose plastic surgery and went to school for medicine at the The University of Texas at Galveston. The art and creativity of plastic surgery are what primarily led her to the decision to study beauty surgery.


New York


After growing up and going to school in Austin, TX Walden was awarded a residency position at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat hospital. Only two people each year receive this residency. The fact hat she got it may have something to do with the fact that she was the salutatorian of her class in medical school.she worked very hard in medical school to get great grades because she felt slighted by the fact that she was not initially admitted into the school.




Because of her strong work ethic when it came to her professional life Jennifer waited until her late 30’s to have kids. Ther wasn’t much time for dating. This is what led her to have in vitro fertilization. She gave birth two twin boys in that are now 6 years old. Her commitment to her family is a big part of the reason that she moved back to Texas.


She moved back to Austin so she could raise her sons closer to their extended family. She has started a new practice from scratch in Austin and has built it up in just the three years since she moved back to Austin.

Sanjay Shah Has A Plan To Raise Money For Autism Awareness

Sanjay Shah is one of the best businessman in the world, and that has helped him to attain great success over the years. There are a lot of things that he has been able to do in the business world, and now he is turning his attention to the world of fundraising and charity. He has a charity called Autism Rocks that he uses to raise money to fund autism research and awareness because he has a son with autism.


Sanjay Shah Denmark sees how autism he struck his own family, and he wants to use the privilege that he has to help people who are struggling with it every day. He knows that a lot of kids are going to be in a bad condition if they are not able to get services in school, and he wants to come back with research that shows these kids they can have a better life.


The kids that he raises money for as the kids who are not able to perform in school because of autism, or they might have problems with behavior that they cannot control. This means that all these people are going to need something that shows them what should really be going on with their kids. Autism Rocks sets up concerts every year that will get kids closer to dealing with autism in a good way, and the Autism Rocks charity is run in a hands on way by Sanjay Shah.


He comes to all the concerts that he sets up, and he uses his position to get in touch with great musicians that will attract donors. He creates a really good time for everyone, and he makes sure that are having a good time so that they will want to donate. He wants all these people to know that they have some help, and that help comes from money raised by Autism Rocks.


Sanjay Shah started Solo Capital so that he could invest in the best way he could, but he started Autism Rocks to help kids. He started Autism Rocks to help his son, and he uses the charity to bring musicians and donors together for autism research.

Get Ready For Spring With JustFab & Fabletics

There is something about spring that makes us want something new and exciting. The spring fever doesn’t just come and go. Spring fever has to be encouraged and that happens when we buy a new outfit. Right?

The coral dress is flirty and fun. The sleeves are slit and exposes a flattery bit of the arm. This dress allows you to have a little fun while looking so fabulous with Fabletics. You will love the Camari heels and the Lorenzo bag will complete your look.

Take your Spring fever to work and give it to everyone. Your office will never be the same with all the new looks that everyone will be wearing. With your new amazing looks with Fabletics, comes new amazing attitudes.

With your new Knit Dolman Romper, you’ll always be ready for that special date or office party. A day out with the girls will certainly be great to use your Apollo bag and your Morely sandals will get people begging for your fashion secrets at

You’ll have a hard time choosing from JustFab collections on Whether it is flats or high stilettos. There are shoes that are wanting to help cure your Spring Fever. Remember that to cure Spring Fever, it takes getting out there and getting you a new outfit.

There is a dress that works for you in the office and for the night out with the girls. Check out the Shirt Shift Dress to cure your Spring fever of Fabletics. You can add the Dainne bold shoes that dress up the most casual outfits. The addition of the Confection bag will add some arm candy you will simply adore.

JustFab keeps their selections new and exciting with Fabletics active wear clothing. There is a certain flare we pay to get if it looks good on us. They know how to stay on top of the fashion world, so they can share with their customers. Don’t forget JustFab jewelry like rings, necklaces and earrings. Go ahead and make a plan to cure your Spring fever once and for all. Allow JustFab to make your fever go away.

Keith Mann Is A Leader Within A Well Known And Successful Company

Keith Mann is a business executive that worked to found a successful company, along with other individuals. The company that Keith Mann working on co-founding is Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners helps companies to find new executives, and they also assist companies to locate alternative staffing options. These services have been very beneficial to the growth of many companies, and they will continue to be in the future.

The company that he worked to found is an extremely large one. There is an exceptionally high number of executives in the database of Dynamic Search Partners. More than 2,000 job seekers for executive positions are in the company’s database. This gives them access to far more potential new hires for executive positions than most other executive staffing agencies. In fact, they are among the largest executive job search companies in the United States. Additionally, the company has a track record of providing services to some very high powered companies, including ones in the financial sector.

They also assist other companies with regards to investing. In fact, they specialize in a wide variety of different types of investments. They are particularly skilled in using hedge funds and alternative investments as investment strategies for companies. Keith Mann once played an integral role in the management of alternative investments that the company helped to manage, and he helped to secure very high returns for their clients.

While Keith Mann was one of the people that founded Dynamic Search Partners, he did not always have the same level of position he currently has in the company. In fact, earlier in his career with Dynamic Search Partners his position was to manage the alternative investments branch of the company. Since he was quite successful in this role, he ultimately got an even higher level position in the company. In fact, he became Vice President of Dynamic Search Partners. As Vice President of Dynamic Search Partners he has been a very effective leader. His management of the company has helped to foster growth, and it will continue to do so in many years to come.

Hard Work Leads to Success

Bernardo Chua has certainly made a splash in the beverage world with Organo Gold and its products of coffees and teas. With his humble beginning in the Philippines to now this large thriving business, Chua is proving he is unstoppable in the business world. Organo Gold creates beverages with the consumer’s health in mind. The organic drink is a healthy way for people to consume their favorite beverages and it offers many health benefits in the process. The vision Chua had for this company has been realized and Organo Gold is on the rise as more and more people discover this great product. Made from a natural herb, ganoderma, it is unlike any other product on the market. Chua has built this award-winning company to what it is today and it continues to grow.

Chua is a driven businessman and wants to include others in this business venture by selling these great products to consumers. With a strong business sense and a fabulous product there is no wonder that Chua continues to win awards and the company continues to grow. Hard work and determination are both a part of his character and he has built this company to what it is today by applying both of those along with a product that can speak for itself. Having achieved all of this, it is no wonder that Organo Gold is a name most people recognize now and have shared with their friends and family. Knowing you are drinking something beneficial and organic makes you feel more confident in your health choices.  Check Bernardo out on social media if you want to learn more.  He has prominent accounts on Facebook, as well as his Twitter profile.

Danilo Diaz Granados Is Committed To The Luxury Lifestyle

There are plenty of men who are trying to live the luxury lifestyle every day, but they do not have a lot of help living the high life. Danilo Diaz Granados has come up with Toys For Boys as a luxury boutique where men can come for help when they want to be more involved in what the luxury life is. He also wants to make sure that the men who come to the shop are able to take trips with him that are going to change their lives.

He has hosted men on trips that have taken them to race tracks, skydiving and driving exotic cars. There is always something for the man who loves to have adventures, and the boutique that Danilo Diaz Granados started has the art and styling options that men need to look their best. A refined man has to know about art and clothes, and he will learn about those things in the boutique.

The men that come to the boutique are going to have a chance to make sure that they have seen everything that would make their life more luxurious, and they can get to know Danilo Diaz Granados if they want to. His shop is a place where men can come together with a common interest, and it has become a place where men flock when they want to do something different with their lives. All these men deserve to have a chance to live in a luxurious way, and that is why the shop exists.

Men might start out with a big adventure with Danilo Diaz Granados, and men might be sure that they have found their style in the shop. They can decide what their favorite car is, and they can learn how to be the man who lives the high life.

Danilo is also well known for his time with Fireman Capital, and his other many financial measures.  Not to mention his sizable social media following through websites like Twitter.  To get the full story, make sure that you read about Diaz Granados’ career on CrunchBase.

Bringing Out The Goodness With WEN Cleansing Conditioner

WEN by Chaz Dean is used by many celebrities and red carpet starlets who spend time in front of the camera showing off their shiny locks. If it can work for the stars, it can work for us too, right?

A professional hair stylist and beauty writer decided to take on WEN ultra moisturizing cleansing conditioner and let us know how she fared. Would she too have a glamorous mane atop her head like a red carpet celebrity?

Emily McClure let us in on her blog post so we could see how her hair looked through the course of a week. During her trial period using the  Amazon best selling moisturizing cleansing conditioner she took a picture each day to give the viewers a good look at how the product was effecting her hair.

Though Emily felt that Wen may have been heavy in her hair, it is only because she was used to her stripping shampoo leaving her hair weightless. Her old ultra stripping shampoo also left her hair devoid of shine, color, and bounce, so there was something to be gained with the weightier oils of WEN.

The WEN imparted such an amazing color to Emily’s hair it looks as if it had been colored in the salon. No, it is only the WEN creating a glow of health that brought the natural color of her hair to the surface. Included with the saturated glow of color was a brilliant shine that bounces off the flash of the camera. It is evident even after one wash that this product is bringing the good vibes back to Emily’s locks but by the end of the week we are assured, that WEN cleansing conditioner is taking it to the next level. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more info, and visit the website

A Favorite Wengie Beauty Hack

Girls that are really involved with beauty, makeup, and fashion on YouTube are probably quite familiar with Wengie. Wengie is the name of a beauty blogger on YouTube. In fact, she is one of the most popular beauty bloggers on the site. Wengie is based in Australia. However, this young woman has a global audience that really looks forward to her makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, beauty tutorials, skincare tutorials, fashions, and much more. The good news is that the advice is free. The other good news is that Wengie uploads more of her wonderful beauty hacks and more each week. In this video, Wengie discusses an easy and natural way to whiten your teeth at home.

Whiten Your Teeth Video
MOst of us would probably love to have those perfect, shiny white movie star smiles. However, it might take a lot of money to get a really bright smile Wengie shares her secret on a way to instantly whiten teeth. This video is a part of the Wengie Try it episodes. It is also one of her most popular beauty hacks. Wengie discusses a super way to whiten your smile. She shares that she previously made a trip to the dentist to whiten her teeth. She relates the process was uncomfortable. However, the charcoal method was easy and convenient. Would you like to know the results? Well, tune in and check out the video to discover Wengie’s results with the natural charcoal method to whiten teeth.


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