Flavio Maluf: Innovator And Man Of The People

Brazilian entrepreneur Flavio Maluf has used his business expertise and strong leadership to become the CEO and president of Eucatex Group.The forward-thinking company, founded in 1951, is one of the very first to create environmental and sound-proofing luxury through the use of unrefined materials, such as eucalyptus for the fabrication of boards and components. This innovation has proven successful, so Eucatex has followed it by taking on a new endeavor including manufacturing acoustical ceiling panels and pliable sheets of wood fibers to be used sound insulating acoustic tiles. This is solely done through the use of completely natural and environmentally kind products and techniques.

His hard work and devotion to his industry can be easily seen in his efficiently operated factory in Sao Paolo, as well as his newer operations, including the one in Salto and the city of Botucatu, which opened in 2010.

But, not only does Flavio Maluf have a respect for his industry and producing environmentally friendly products, he also places uttermost importance on education. He received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from
Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation in São Paulo. He later worked and studied at the impressive New York University before returning to his home country to take over his family business. He also serves as president of the GrandFood Group.

Family is also of highest priority to Mr. Maluf. His daughter recently earned her degree in chemical engineering and his teenaged son is preparing to study engineering in the United Kingdom. As well as taking a strong interest in family, he also works to help make the lives of he people Brazil better though initiatives to help those in need. He recently collaborated with the Idio Carli Maternity Hospital to provide better conditions for expectant mothers and bring the hospital conditions up to modern standards.

High on ideal and an eye for the future of his country and the environment, Flavio Maluf is a man who places his people ahead of himself and his financial gain. His vision for the improvement of Brazil has made him one of the most impactful and commendable business people today.

Kevin Seawright On The Notre Dame Leadership Program

It may seem to many who know of Kevin Seawright‘s background that he doesn’t need to attend a leadership program as he has proven himself to be one of businesses great leaders. For those who don’t know, Mr. Seawright is a renowned financial and administrative operations specialist. He has worked for over 13 years to the betterment of the East Coast communities. Mr. Seawright is probably best known for his ability to reach business goals that others may have difficulty achieving.

In an interview with host Eric Dyer, he talks about his need to learn more about non-profit groups. Since their goals are different from for-profit companies, he feels it’s important that others also learn more about them. He chose Notre Dame because, well it’s Notre Dame. Known for its excellence in education with learned and experienced professors Mr. Seawright felt it was the right school for him.

He goes on to state that he found significant differences in how the East Coast and the Midwest achieved goals that may be the same but varied in how they are achieved. He found that dispute how shared the goals were the differences in achieving them could be monumental. He also concluded that there is a need for stronger boards and board members. He hopes to find a solution for this issue.

Mr. Seawright also explained that when pursuing transformation there is a need for leaders who stand out from the crowd, who will not accept the status quo. He finds it critical that all leaders should know their strengths and weakness. It is the only way to form stronger board members. He reminds listeners that no one is perfect. Admitting and working on one’s weaknesses is the only way to improve board strength.

He goes on to tell his listeners that education in the area of leadership whether it’s for non-profits or for-profit groups is vital to the future of business in our country. Mr. Seawright is currently the vice-president and chief financial officer for Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has developed revenue enhancements that can help forecast annual returns with an increase in over 25%. Mr. Seawright is the recipient of many awards for his incredible work in both the fields of finances and human capital. He has handled over $400 million in city, state and federal capital and over $600 million in capital construction educational facility projects.

The Brazilian Legal System

Brazil has a Brazilian Bar Association, an establishment of lawyers that is mandated to regulate the legal profession in Brazil. The association is known as the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB). The association was started in 1930, and its headquarters are in Brasilia Federal District. The AOB has over 800,000 lawyers. For any graduate in law to act as an attorney before a court of law in Brazil must register at the OAB. It is an independent organization from the government, although it holds some public powers such as disciplinary measures to its members.

Brazilian law is however very much related to the tradition of civil law. Their legal system is founded on legislative acts with the Federal Constitution as the principal and the highest law in the land. Any modification to the constitution is only possible through a Constitutional Amendment. An average law should conform to the constitutional norms and can be made at either Federal, State or Municipal level.

After five years in Law School, the law students must sit for the Bar Examination. The exams are organized by Order of Attorneys of Brazil. They happen in March, August, and December and they consist of test with multiple choices as well as a written test. Although the law schools have control over their internal academic structure to a certain degree, the National Council of Education dictates a set of mandatory subjects.

The compulsory subjects can be classified into three axes. The first is the Basic Education Axis. This axis includes subjects associated with law such as political science, ethics, anthropology, history, and the likes. The second axis is the Professional Education Axis and consists of purely legal subjects. The third axis is the Practical Education Axis. This axis aims at integrating the other two axes, and must consist of at least 250 hours of complementary activities and 300 hours compulsory vocational training offered by the law school.

Ricardo Tosto has devoted over two decades to practice business law. He specializes in credit recovery, banking, M&A, civil and commercial law, international and electoral law. He is a law graduate from Mackenzie University and post graduate in Business Administration from FAAP. Ricardo Tosto holds membership in various associations such as the International Bar Association, and the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Center and the Brazilian Bar Association.

Tosto has also acted as a president of Sao Paulo OAB Commission for Modernization of the Judiciary. Tosto is also one of the members who founded the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research (IBEDEP). Tosto has also authored many articles and reviews and often speaks on legal topics at various events and conferences.

Handy: How To Choose A Reputable Home Cleaning Company

Need quality house cleaning? Wondering how to find a top rated house cleaning company? These days, good residential cleaning service providers are in high demand. People are extremely busy nowadays, and would like to hire others to take care of their cleaning tasks for them.

These days, hiring home cleaning service is a necessity not a luxury. If you live a hectic lifestyle, then hiring a home cleaning service is a great option. Instead of worrying about cleaning your home and also taking care of other responsibilities, you can let these professionals do the cleaning for you while you focus on your priorities.

Finding a good house cleaning company shouldn’t be a daunting task if you know where to look. Although there are many residential home cleaning companies to choose from, it is absolutely necessary to do your home work properly before making a choice. Not all of the house cleaning companies out there offer the same level or quality of service to customers. You need to be sure you’re dealing with a highly trusted and dependable company. And that’s why many people choose Handy for their house cleaning needs.

Handy is a well established company in the house cleaning industry and has been rendering highly rated services to customers. Handy has numerous customers all over the country who are thrilled with the service they have received. If you are truly serious about getting the best quality service for your house cleaning needs, it’s imperative that you pick a service provider that is well known for rendering outstanding service. Handy is a highly regarded house cleaning service company.

You want to be assured that the people who enter your home are honest, trustworthy, and highly committed to rendering a great service. Ideally, professional cleaning company you are considering will be willing to disclose to you their process for screening workers, including the process used in conducting background checks. This is very important, for your safety and peace of mind. Itunes’ Handy is the most trusted home cleaning company, and the company has a crew of well trained, pre-screened cleaning professionals.

Another consideration when selecting cleaning services is to decide what type of commitment you want to make. Some home cleaning companies will offer lower rates if you commit to a regular service contract. If you have the need for long term cleaning service, you may want to have scheduled house cleaning service, which can save you money. It is usually advisable to try the service for a few times or so before committing to a long-term agreement. If you are satisfied with the service, then you can commit to a long term agreement.

Handy is your clear choice for superior house cleaning. Their cleaning system sets them apart. Their customers keep coming back to them, because they provide top notch services that keep their residential homes tidy and clean. Their extensive cleaning technique has been proven to be highly effective. Contact Handy for service request.

White Shark Media : One Of The Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agencies In North America

Every business has to deal with complaints at some point or another. However, it’s not the occurrence of complaints that can make or break a business, but rather how businesses choose to handle them. While it may seem counter-productive at first glance, whenever a business has to deal with a customer complaint, this enables the opportunity to turn that disgruntled customer into a lifelong advocate. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to dealing with customer complains.

Place Yourself In Their Perspective
One of the things you need to do is to place yourself in their shoes. If you have a problem with a specific company would you like for your problem to be solved or for you to argue with a representative of that company? Therefore, try to ensure that your client feels as if you are on their side and that you have a certain degree of empathy about the situation.

Apologize And Be careful Not To Blame
Even if a problem did occur as a result of someone else, do not blame anyone. The customer will interpret this as a convenient excuse. Instead, what you should do is to apologize even if you don’t mean it. Why? Whenever a customer detects that you are legitimately sorry, this can diffuse the situation all together.

Listen Carefully And Let Them Speak
Remember that the customer is not attempting to attack you on a personal level. He or she has a conflict and is irate. Therefore, avoid the possibility of getting defensive, listen to what they are saying and let them finish.

Use The Resolution Of Customer Complaints As Proof That Your Business Aims To Provide Superior Customer Service
One of the things you can do is to show your disgruntled customers that your business aims to provide courtesy and professionalism regardless of the issue that they may be experiencing.

In the following paragraphs, you will gain a good idea of how a company has used the occurrence of customer complaints that they have resolved, to demonstrate to other customers that they can rest easy knowing that if they encounter a conflict it will be alleviated.

White Shark Media

The Better Business Bureau has a record of complaints on White Shark Media which clearly demonstrates that the company handles all complaints with courtesy and professionalism. Of the six complaints that can be found on their Better Business Bureau profile, all six complaints were resolved in favor of the individuals who made the complaint.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as the company has specifically made a statement on their website that they strive to alleviate all conflicts with their clients. However in the same breath, it’s also worth noting that the complaints that they frequently encounter are not really performance based complaints but rather a misunderstanding. Nonetheless, the company continually expresses the fact that they intend to offer a greater level of clarity to all their customers.

AI Powered Discovery Engine Flipora Raises $1.5 Million

Flipora is a content discovery engine that has been on the rise for the past half a decade. In 2010, the company raised $3 million to back their A.I. powered search engine. Flipora believes that with their algorithms, they can make traditional search engine sa thing of the past. This most recent batch of funding brings in 1.5 million in new assets to enable the company to bring their discovery engine to iOS and Android phones.

Flipora isn’t just receiving backing from fans who already use the website. Some competitors are also interested in the tech company. The premise and theory behind Flipora sounds just a little farfetched, but it is no more out there than Paypal, Google, or DropBox sounded at their inceptions. The promise of getting in at the ground floor of what could become a global household name is tempting for many major investors. Some of these major names include Google AdSense creator Barney Pell, the CEO of Powerset Munjal Shah, the co-founder of Funzio Anil Dharni, and Mayank Bawa the founder and CEO of Aster Data. All the investors share a common buzz about the ways that Flipora could connect people through their shared interests.

Flipora has come a long way from the small side project of Stanford University graduate students Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan. The company has seen massive growth year upon year. The ultimate end game of the project is to create a reliable engine that can deliver personalized results to each distinct user. If the company can reach half of what they strive for, traditional methods of digging through search results may be made obsolete.

The idea may seem like something from a sci fi book, but Google and Apple are already implementing AI based features in their phones. Both Google Now and Siri will offer up suggestions based on traffic patterns or about the weather.

Flipora also attempts to offer a social component to their discovery. Users can link Facebook and Twitter accounts to share their interests, and to attempt to find new topics based on the behavior and hobbies of their friends. There is some debate as to the success of this; many social networks have shown that peer influence dictates our hobbies, but the question remains; how precise can this AI predict human interests? If the recent round of funding is any indication, we may soon find ourselves relying on AI powered Discovery Engines, while the Google results page goes the way of AoL free trial discs.

New Ways to Make Money with Adam Sender

It is possible to make money with just about anything. It is all about knowing what to invest in and when to pick up the items. Adam Sender proved this to be possible with the assistance of an art curator friend. When the stock market and the United States economy started to fail, Adam Sender decided to look for other ways to invest and to make money while traditional stocks started to fail. So, with the help of his art curator friend, he decided to purchase art pieces from up and coming artists. Now, he is expected to sell off around 400 pieces of art he purchased which has an estimated value of around $70 million.

Art is something that continues to increase in value, as long as the artist doesn’t release a large number of paintings and other items all at once. The rarer an artists, the more valuable it is and the more sought after it becomes. This in turn helps make the photograph, painting, drawing, sculpture or other item that much more valuable and desirable. It is a bit more difficult to forecast who and what might be valuable with up and coming artists, but Adam Sender’s artistic curator friend, who does in fact run an art gallery, helped point out what would most likely be desirable in years to come. Due to this, Adam made several substantial investments into these different artists, which looks as though it is going to pay dividends 10 fold and then some. Supposedly, although it is clear that finding the greatest piece of art in a room full of them is not easy, Sender has exceptionally keen intuition and intelligence when it comes to buying artworks.

In interviews Adam pointed out that is is all about buying individuals who are affordable. While he said he couldn’t afford to purchase a single Warhol or other popular artist, he suggested the value of the piece would not go up drastically over the course of a decade or two. However, he did point out that he could purchase valuable paintings and pieces of art from lesser known individuals of the time who were becoming more and more popular and who would prove to be desirable later on down the road. All of this is why it has been rather impressive to see how well Adam Sender has done with his investments. Sender prides himself with a collection that is very personal to him and rich with pieces that are both intellectually and visually stimulating.

Several of his investments he purchased for a few hundred thousand dollars and now many of these paintings and photographs are expected to go for several million dollars. For a few of these pieces, this means he is making back 30 to 40 times what he paid for it. All of this is important to keep in mind as it is going to help Adam bring in a large sum of money once his latest 40 pieces of art are placed on the auction block over a period of several months.

The biography of Vijay Eswaran

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, who is the CEO and the co-founder of the QI companies was born to Pushpavathy Chinnaiah and Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu on October 1960. He is a Malaysian businessperson who holds a degree in Socioeconomic.

The QI group of companies

Dr. Vijay Eswaran founded the QI headquartered in Hong Kong in 1998. It is an e-commerce firm and association of businesses diversified into telecommunications, leisure and lifestyle, retail and direct sales, education, property development and logistics, luxury and collectibles and education management. Other QI offices are located in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The early life of Vijay Eswaran

He studied at London Economics School and later graduated in 1984 with a Socioeconomic degree. After his studies, he stayed in Europe working at grape fields in France and as a cab driver in the UK. He was introduced to the Binary Marketing while still in the UK, and this prompted him to take a professional qualification from CIMA and an MBA from Illinois Southern University in 1986.

Vijay Eswaran as a speaker and author

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a renowned speaker and author. He has spoken at leading universities and other forums including:
The world Economic Forum

Commonwealth Business Forums

He handles a wide range of topics, for instance, business and spirituality. Vijay Eswaran is a best-selling author who has penned a successful book In the Sphere of Silence. The book has hailed in many countries in different languages. In this book, he tries to explain life management. He has three other books; 18 Stepping Stones, On the Wings of Thought and In the Thinking Zone. He is also a newspaper columnist in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.


Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a philanthropist who founded a special Corporate and Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group, RYTHM Foundation. The RYTHM Foundation participates in philanthropic activities in Malaysia and beyond. He established the RF’s local chapter and the Vijayaratnam Foundation in his Father’s honor. Vijayaratnam Foundation works with charitable associations and NGOs in activities like youth development, child mentoring, special education and women empowerment. Born in Penang, Malaysia, an island off of the western coast of the peninsula, Vijay eventually went on to receive his primary college education in England with the help of his parents sending him to London.

Awards and Accolades

In 2003, Vijay Eswaran was ranked 25 richest in Malaysia in Forbes Asia. In 2012, he was awarded New Global Indiana award for his philanthropic activities and business excellence.

Vijay Eswaran personal life

Vijay Eswaran is married to Umayal Eswaran. She is the chair of the Vijayaratnam Foundation. It means a lot that Vijay Eswaran accomplished all these things because he started in the business world with no connections.

QNet Covers A Lot Of Direct Selling Bases

QNet is trying to expand its success potential in the world of direct selling and e-commerce. To those who are new to the concept of direct selling or have no experience in the endeavor, it may seem quizzical that QNet is trying so many different strategies. Does not direct selling merely entail moving products and services away from a retail store or other location? While that may be a basic description of what direct selling’s business model is, there are a lot of other facets that a company has to become involved with.

For one, the company has to know what it is selling and who the products and/or services must be sold to. Simply releasing health products or deals on travel packages as part of a mass marketing campaign is not going to work all that well. Yes, some may choose to be affiliates and a few customer could buy but the better strategy is being more targeted. The targeting should be a combination market research followed by promotional strategies intended to reach the end user.

In India, QNet is working hard at developing very special wellness-based products and services. The belief is the “wellness niche” in India is a strong one. Hence, the products and services QNet are developing are intended to capitalize on a niche that may not have been effectively targeted by competitors.

QNet also knows the power of global branding is important to make a direct selling or e-commerce entity succeed. QNet has taken a very novel step and is working in conjunction with the Manchester City Football Club. Sports are wildly popular all throughout the world and football may be the most popular of all sports. Forming a branding and marketing partnership with the Manchester City Football Club could end up delivering major benefits for all involved. QNet definitely is going to stand apart from the crowd with this strategy. As it is the case with other marketing companies, Qnet has a unique marketing model where it relies on dealers to sell its products.

QNet also understands that operating costs have to be brought under control in order to be successful. The manufacturing of various products has to be done in an affordable manner or else the profit margins on the items end up being weakened. The management of QNet has made a very bold decision. Basically, the company is opting to move 100% of its manufacturing to India. Since the costs of manufacturing in India are low, QNet may be able to boost profit margins well above 10%. QNet is protecting its business reputation from other companies and individuals and will remain an integral part of the Indian retail sector for many years to come.

Qnet is also lobbying the government in India to establish better regulatory procedure for direct selling and multi-level marketing. The hope here is the Indian investment will be protected thanks to increased oversight.

Overall, QNet is doing a lot of things to increase the chances of success. Effectively running a direct marketing requires this.

White Shark Media Is The Leader In SEO Marketing

Digital marketing agency White Shark Media proposes that finding the right keywords are the most important part of a company’s SEO strategy. The correct keyword usage can be all the difference in the success or failure of your marketing campaign.

Over the last few years, SEO usage has changed quite a bit — as have ways of obtaining a higher position. Although things have changed, old style tactics are still employed when needed. One of the main questions that is regularly challenged is how many keywords need to be employed. If you want to draw searchers to your pages, there are some simple rules that should be followed. Keywords should be not only inserted into the title page but the main headline as well. Put keywords in your main content and also within the images. Individuals can tailor this method to obtain the desired effect.

White Shark Media knows everything about SEO marketing and keywords. Since the company’s opening five years ago, it has helped businesses large and small reach their marketing goals. White Shark Media has grown into one of the largest digital agencies in North America. CEO Gary Garth has helped businesses grow with a full range of marketing tools. White Shark Media has a winning formula that uses a highly-trained staff of bilingual professionals who use proven concepts.

Today, White Shark Media is one among a handful of companies that partners with Google Ad Words in the U.S. Now with 150 employees working in three different countries, White Shark Media has established a proven track record. The company is committed to helping clients reach their marketing goals in digital marketing.

The company has a whole slew of very satisfied customers who sing the praises of White Shark Media. “We totally attribute our success to the help we received from White Shark Media,” says Titan Engines Director of Marketing Ines Gomez. “Our conversions and sales are going up every month due to Shark Media’s expertise,” says Julian Patrick, owner of Stovefitters Warehouse. Thousands are completely committed to the expertise they have received from Shark Media and many are repeat customers.

Source: White Shark Media Blog