Skout Presents Fun And Flirty Dating Applications, Tools, And Features

Leading social networking company, Skout, encourages romantic
interactions among members in the online dating community. Known for
maintaining an extensive database of over 10 million active users, this
prominent California based company seeks to create innovative flirty
tools to enhance an individual’s mobile courting experience. Because
most members were using the application as a system to acquire
promising dates, Skout on crunchbase revised their original social networking
platform into a unique dating portal. Most importantly, the company’s
main objective is to facilitate meaningful romantic relationships
among the members in their online community.

In order to appeal to a diverse group of young adults, Skout developed
proprietary dating tools to further enhance an online interaction.
Essentially, their passion for more romances cultivated through an
online interface encouraged them to invent features related to
traveling, chatting, and partying. Amazingly, these unprecedented
tools are compatible with iOs devices and are currently available on
Google Play or the iTunes App Stores.

In 2013, Skout proudly announced the launched of their distinguished travel
feature which is a premium paid service. Essentially, the application
enables users to interact with individuals in another state or country
by engaging in a virtual tour of the specified destination. Although
this is an imaginary journey, members may actually embark on a
real-life vacation during which they will have the opportunity to meet
the online friend in person. If there is chemistry during the meeting,
this virtual friend has the potential for a future romantic
relationship. Notably, this is the perfect tool for those who enjoy
participating in pretend adventures and is also great for users who
actually have a trip planned but would like obtain contacts in their
desired destination. Amazingly, Skouters describe this feature as a
revolutionized pen pal system.

Following the introduction of the travel outstanding application, Skout developed
an interesting “Shake to Chat” feature. Basically, the company
connects members together who shake their phone at the exact same time
as another user. For the first 40 seconds of the chat, both of the
user’s profiles remain anonymous. Afterwards, the members may proceed
to gather contact information if they are interested in pursuing the
prospective love interests.

In May 2014, Skout acquired a nightlife based application from Chile
called Nixter. This practical party feature enables members to quickly
locate popular events in their area. In addition, the user may
purchase tickets, buy alcohol, and reserve VIP accommodations. This
recently presented tool has greatly contributed to Skout’s overall
productivity and profitability primarily because the feature assists
the romantic pursuer in arranging date nights. Although Nixter is a
separate application and brand, the mobile interface is heavily
integrated into Skout’s platform. Notably, the former Nixter owners
raised approximately $200,000 in seed funding and today the feature
operates in major cities in New York and California.

Commendably, Skout’s mission is to provide proprietary dating features
and tools with members across the world. Remarkably, the company
functions in over 180 countries and is translated into well-known

The Strategic Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a world renowned capital strategist and attorney at law. Tabar is based in the city that never sleeps; even though he calls New York City his home, the effects of Tabar and his years of experience can be seen throughout the world. Tabar started his career at the Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP firm. After his work there was complete he moved into capital strategy and business development. Tabar served as the Co-Head of Business Development at the SPARX Group Co. During that time he also held the position of Managing Director while associating with the PMA Investment Advisors. More recently, Tabar joined the Bank of America Merrill Lynch team as the Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia and Pacific region.

Over at his Lawyerist profile, Tabar speaks functional Japanese and has a spoken and written fluency in English and French. Even though Tabar excelled in the capital financial field, the law field was proven to be his first love. Tabar would later join the Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP working as a Senior Associate. There he catered to executive hedge funds, fund structure and formation, and compliance and regulatory issues. Even though his resume would assume so, Tabar isn’t all about business.

The attorney and capital strategist recently invested in a startup that is looking to help individuals for the greater good. Tabar invest in THINX which is a company based in New York City that manufactures and designs women’s underwear. The THINX company will donate seven cloths of sanitary pads for each pair of underwear sold. The donated sanitary pads reach women in developing African countries. Tabar knows that he has achieved good fortune and opportunity when it comes to investing in companies that would prove to be successful. For Tabar, what makes THINX different from the rest is that they continually carry out good deeds.

Tabar has a well versed history when it comes to making sound investments that will generate capital. Antonia Dunbar, Miki Agrawal and Radha Agrawal, the founders of THINX were introduced to Tabar through mutual friends in early 2014. It was then that Tabar knew that he couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by. Tabar wasn’t necessarily looking for a new company or startup to invest in, but the initial business model compelled Tabar so greatly that he wanted to help in any way possible. After introducing Antonia, Miki, and Radha to a few colleagues, a few investments were made and THINX got the push that it needed.

The company set up a crowdfunding campaign and asked for 50 thousand dollars and received more than 65 thousand dollars as a final outcome. It’s no surprise that Tabar and his investment advice aided the THINX project as well as having shaped thousands of lives. It is the hopes of Tabar that he can come across more projects for the greater good where he can use his skills and assets to help those who need it the most.

The Benefits Of Renting In New Jersey

Deciding where to live in New Jersey can be very tricky. Residents of New Jersey have their pick of all kinds of housing. Someone can choose to live near the shore in order to enjoy the chance to be next to the Atlantic Ocean. Another person may wish to live further inland in order to be closer to the region’s many lakes and open forests. Still another New Jersey resident may wish to opt to live in one of the area’s many fine cities in order to be able to enjoy the state’s great nightlife and access to varied restaurants of all kinds.

Those who choose to live here will also want to consider whether they should rent an apartment or think about buying a house. Each potential living situation has many possible benefits. Owning a house can allow the owner to accumulate equity and sell the house for more money should they decide to leave. However, owning can also mean that the owner must make repairs and cannot leave unless they sell the property. Many people find that renting an apartment also has many benefits, especially when choosing to rent an apartment in the state of New Jersey.

Renting an apartment from a company such as Boraie Development frequently allows the person renting it to enjoy many important benefits from doing so. The renter can have access to a modern apartment that has been designed to help meet the needs of the busy professional who wants a space where they can easily entertain as well as a space that lets them enjoy open plan living that helps encourage people to communicate and interact with each other more easily. An apartment here also provides the renter with the chance to be right in the heart of one of the region’s most dynamic cities. Newark is well known as a place where people can enjoy fine cuisine, local sporting events and the opportunity to interact with people all over the world. The location of the apartments here also allow the resident to get into the heart of Manhattan quickly and easily at any time of day or night. Those who are commuting to New York City will find that living here is ideal for their specific needs and allows them to be able to enjoy the many riches of New York without the need to pay an enormous sum for rent.

The Fascinating Career of Alexi Beltyukov

MTV writes that Alexi Beltyukov is a powerhouse in the business community. Since his career began, several decades ago, it has been marked by philanthropy and entrepreneurial spirit. His work has spurred innovation across Russia, and provided funds for growing businesses and technologies. With, one of his latest endeavors, Beltyukov hopes to revolutionize teaching throughout the world. The career of this brilliant philanthropist and entrepreneur began in the halls of INSEAD University.

Beltyukov originally studied medicine, but he began to feel more inclined toward business. He made the switch, and soon received his MBA from INSEAD Business School. In the years that followed, he founded several successful organizations, including Mechanicus, and New Gas Technologies. As he experienced the rigors of growing viable companies, his mind began to turn to philanthropic endeavors.

Beltyukov helped to establish the Russian Alumni Scholarship at his alma mater. That effort allowed Russian students accepted to the University access to financial assistance. A relationship was formed with the government, through the Skolkovo Foundation, that provided grants and other opportunities for entrepreneurs and technology start-ups. Through this work, Beltyukov discovered many companies that were struggling financially, and crafted his own elegant solution.

A-Ventures Ltd. was a game changer for several companies, rescuing them from financial ruin. The company provided funds and assistance, paving a solid future that might not have been possible otherwise. He continued his dedication to Russia’s business community by founding Endemic Capital in 2013. The organization provided angel funds to start-up companies, allowing commerce and innovation to thrive. Two years later, he came up with an idea that would redefine the way mathematics was taught. He headed to EdSurge’s technology conference that April, and introduced the world to his latest project. debuted on April 25, Educator Day, in Los Angeles. It’s an online homework space for high school students that generates assignments based on specific parameters. Teachers could efficiently create and administer custom exercises that benefited from the latest educational research. Students were able to enjoy an interactive platform that was relatable, provided feedback, and improved comprehension. Educators and education technology experts took notice immediately, captivated by the platform’s potential. It was soon listed as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups” by

“The goal is for to become a household name in math education,” Beltyukov said recently. “We want to make it easier for teachers to understand and manage their students’ progress and offer them developmental feedback when outside of the classroom.” continues to do just that, and a growing community in education is thankful for it. Beltyukov’s newest brainchild is improving education the way his other ideas improved business. But even though Beltyukov has achieved so much, he has no intention of slowing down. He remains passionate about his various ventures, and the work he champions in Russia’s business community.

Beltyukov is educating future business leaders, increasing access to financial resources, and creating a space for innovate ideas. He has led a proud and storied career, but he is humbled by the challenges that still lay ahead. He is currently an observer on FARO Energy’s Board of Directors, where he will no doubt bring his brilliance to bear. After all he has met the challenges of enterprise with a vibrant energy of his own.

Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero Continues To Find Success

In 1993 James Dondero looked to establish his own investment company after spending a number of years working with American Express and managing a major list of assets. Highland Capital Management was formed and was almost immediately a success with the arrival of almost $2 billion in assets to be managed over the course of the first five years in existence. By the end of 2014 the company had continued to grow under the leadership of Dondero to include a wide range of different investments, which include hedge funds and equities that are designed to make sure the company remains in profit and secure at all times.

James Dondero has been working in financial markets for more than 30 years and is now seeking to maintain his position as a major player in the equity markets by pushing Highland Capital Management to even greater successes. Dondero was responsible for managing a number of assets for American Express when he decided to embark on his own financial business in 1993, which led to the establishment of Highland Capital Management. The success of Highland Capital Management has seen Dondero become a much sought after figure at boardroom level, which has included his appointment to the board of Warner Bros. Studios as a financial expert.

Highland Capital Management has become a major part of the global financial sector through its development of credit solutions for major retailers. This has made the company a major part of the financial landscape of most retailers and will see the development of the company continue as retailers look increasingly to these solutions in the future. The levels of success achieved by Highland Capital Management have risen to see the assets managed reaching over $18 billion by the end of 2014 and look set to continue to grow as Dondero pushes the company to achieve more and more in the future. The many different areas James Dondero is working within at boardroom level are providing him with experience and skills across the many industries he is employed within, which is seen as a sign of success for the future of Highland Capital Management.

Selecting A Lawyer In Brazil For Your Case

Dealing with a legal matter that needs expert assistance? Are you in need of a good lawyer in Brazil to help you resolve your legal problem effectively? Whether your case is a business matter, marital issue or other personal problem, you can find a qualified lawyer to help you.

Dealing with a legal issue can be very frustrating, and time consuming. For the best results, you need to hire a good lawyer to advise and guide you throughout the process. Your lawyer will strive to protect your rights and offer the necessary representation.

There are several factors to look into when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Check the reputation of the lawyer you’re considering. There are advantages to choosing a lawyer with a high reputation in the industry. Reputable law firms and lawyers have several advantages. Many judges and opposing lawyers respect reputable lawyers for the cases they have won, and their unique ability to influence judgments. Reputable lawyers also typically have access to greater and top notch resources in terms of manpower and money to conduct the necessary research on your case and to develop strategy.

Wondering where to look for a good lawyer? There are several ways to find a reliable lawyer in Brazil. In addition to a friend or colleague that might recommend a Brazilian lawyer, there are other reliable sources for finding a lawyer to handle your case. Some websites provide resources or valuable information. In addition, lawyers in Brazil have their profiles and contact details on their websites and are often ready to respond to inquiries, as are certain lawyer directories offered by legal associations. Finally, the Bar Association or a related agency in Brazil can also be of great help in finding a suitable lawyer that is qualified and licensed to practice in Brazil.

Although there are many good lawyers in Brazil, you need to keep in mind that not all of them render the same quality of legal representation. Some lawyers are well known for achieving greater results than others, so it is always a good idea to do your research and make sure you choose the best lawyer you can afford.

Once you have selected a prominent or competent lawyer, you can rest assured that your legal issue will be resolved effectively, and that you will be happy with the outcome. Competent lawyers are very knowledgeable and experienced, and they have both litigation and negotiation skills, which enable them to navigate the complex legal system and obtain the best outcome possible for their clients.

Brian Bonar: CEO and Synergy Manager of Trucept

Brian Bonar is a stand out CEO, harnessing his engineering knowledge, administrative talents and strategic aptitude to grow his Professional Employment Organization (PEO) firm, Trucept. Trucept allows small to medium sized companies the ability to concentrate on core competencies by offering specialized human resource management, benefit and payroll services. The PEO, through co-employment, shares liability with the contracting company while allowing the company to maintain full control over staffing and day to day operations. The PEO stays abreast of tasks such as government compliance, recruiting, training and development at whatever level the contracting company determines. Bonar has done this successfully with Trucept since June of 2011, but his experience goes well beyond administrative functions. Brian Bonar was written about byModern Luxury here.

A graduate of James Watt Technical College and Stafford University, Bonar’s advanced education is in engineering. His career began with IBM, where he worked as a procurement manager for 16 years. Quality Management Solutions, Inc, (QMS) gave him the opportunity, as Director, to administer teams responsible for hardware and software management. Bonar, as Vice President at Rastec and later, Adaptec, facilitated printer sales with foreign markets, using his hardware expertise. This expertise in the printer market along with his engineering background helped him launch one of the first small computer system interface (SCSI) based printers with a company he founded, called Bezier. SCSI allowed computers to be connected to additional components such as disk drives and printers. His forward thinking approach crafted the availability of more successful office solutions. His strategic know how told him that he could apply those solutions better than most, making him a valuable commodity. His current career is the culmination of his vast technical and strategic knowledge.

Whether it is office suites or human resource management, Brian Bonar has dedicated his recent career to offering his integration expertise to other firms. In his own words, “We believe there is considerable synergy between providing office system solutions with administrative services.” This synergy also exists between Bonar’s engineering background and administrative skills. He is an incomparable asset and motivational story for any man, woman or company looking to capitalize on that which makes them great.

Adam Sender Shares His Art Collecting Techniques With The Community

America’s most renowned and influential collector, Adam Sender, encourages great work
aficionados to employ practical business strategies when accumulating
an unique portfolio of prestigious paintings. Known for his expertise
in managing Exis Capital Management, this prominent executive seeks to
share his knowledge related to fine art purchasing with many
individuals worldwide. Because most great works are designed to
represent a customer’s unique personality or distinguished styles,
Sender’s expert guidance involves accumulating inexpensive prints
which appeal to an art enthusiast’s tastes and personal preferences.
More importantly, his mission is to present detail steps to acquiring
a profit on purchased paintings.

In order to amass an extensive collection of exclusive paintings,
Sender utilized his strategic business skills he acquired from SAC
Capital Advisors LP and Exis Capital Management. Essentially, his
responsibility at these renowned firms involved the meticulous
selection of promising equities for major hedge funds. Alongside his
professional endeavors, he used the same discerning eye to obtain
impressive art work at an inexpensive price. In essence, his goal was
to purchase fine paintings from artists who were on the edge of
stardom. By continually employing this approach, he gradually
collected more than 1,000 pieces totaling to approximately $100
million in current value. Notably, his holdings have greatly increased
in worth since the 1990s. Check out Adam Sender’s FB profile.

Sender’s collection of admirable paintings was available for view at
his Miami residence during the annual Art Basel Miami Beach exhibit.
Throughout the event, art enthusiasts were invited to observe and ask
questions about the origin of his contemporary holdings and their
respected current value. After the display, VIP individuals attended
the private bunch receptions along with other prominent art
aficionados such as the Rubell Family, Debra and Dennis Scholl, and
Martin Margulies. In addition, the exhibition also presented a
fictional enactment of an obsessive art collector who accumulated
numerous paintings which eventually forced him and his family to sell
their house.

Commendably, Sender’s primary objective is to share his vast
experience regarding fine work collecting with avid art connoisseurs.
Through various conferences, events, and exhibits, he hopes his
exclusive contemporary holdings will encourage many art enthusiasts to
engage in the exciting and lucrative hobby. Most prominently, he
stresses the importance of employing strategic business skills when
acquiring distinguished paintings. Ultimately, the goal is to purchase
prominent and inexpensive art which will increase in value over time.
For over twenty years, Sender has outsmarted his competition by
gradually acquiring a unique portfolio of paintings worth millions.
Unlike most art collectors, he hopes to individuals with his practical
business techniques. Notably, in the future, Sender intends to donate
a few of his renowned contemporary holdings to major art institutions
around the world.

The Three Branches of Economics

Economists study how people and organizations use limited resources to satisfy almost unlimited wants and desires. In fact, one of the fundamental premises of economic study is that all resources are limited. Another basic tenet of economics is that people, organizations, and governments will seek to use their resources to maximize their own gain. In other words, while a grower of apples, for example, will want to sell his apples for the highest possible price, a mom shopping for her family will want to pay the least possible price. This dynamic between the producer and consumer is the engine that drives economics.

The study of economics is further divided into two traditional schools, with a third one emerging. The first school is called microeconomics and looks at a single market. An example of microeconomics would be a research project looking at timber prices. As the supply of timber increases, prices for timber products (paper, and lumber) should go down. However, as the demand for lumber goes up, then supply pressures will tend to cause prices to increase.

Macroeconomists will look at the timber research and begin asking questions like, what will happen to the price of building homes, and how does that impact the furniture and automobile markets. Some economists may be curious about how the rising or falling timber prices will influence imports or the labor market.

One macroeconomist, Christian Broda, asked the question of whether the increasing variety of items influenced prices and if they did how. In his paper on the subject, Broda found that as variety increases, it tends to keep prices low. Broda obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has worked for a branch of the Federal Reserve, became a tenured Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, and has edited a number of academic publications in economics. Recently he was named as the Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management, a New York City-based hedge fund.

A newly emerging branch of economics is called behavioral economics. This branch began when social scientists looked at the tenet that people seek to maximize the own gains, a theory called homo economicus. Unfortunately, there has been many examples of where people don’t make the wisest financial decisions. For example, many people spend more money on a car than is necessary. So to a behavioral economist the question becomes why would someone buy a $90,000 Porsche to commute to work when a $20,000 Chevy would be more efficient and less expensive to operate?

By studying the economy with each of these three branches helps us better understand our world and how commerce affects each of us on a daily basis. By understanding the flow of goods and services, the impact of supply and demand, and why we make certain financial decisions can help everyone maximize their money and wealth.

Recap: Shaq to Return to Newark, Co-Host Basketball Tournament with Baraka


Dan Ivers’s article, “Shaq to return to Newark, co-host basketball tournament with Baraka,” published on August 11, 2015 on, reports the expected return of the basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal to his native Newark. The legend should be returning by the end of the month to co-host a tournament that will take place in front of the City Hall.
O’Neal shall co-host the tournament, which is dubbed as “Believe in Newark,” together with the Mayor Ras Baraka. They have planned to hold the 3-on-3 tournament on Broad Street in front of the City Hall. The participants shall be high school boys and girls as indicated on the flyers going round the city. Preparations are underway with registration having been done over the weekend, and preliminaries expected to take place this weekend at the JFK Recreation Center.
O’Neal left Newark to play high school basketball in Texas. Even so, the legend has not forgotten his city of birth, and has maintained constant presence to the city throughout his career.
For instance, in 2012, he facilitated the opening of the Cityplex movie theater which is on Springfield Avenue in the city’s Central Ward. The $7 million project was also funded by the New Brunswick-based Boraie Development. In 2013, the partnership established the first high-rise apartment building in Newark.
Boraie Development LLC is a New Jersey based real estate company. The company basically works with contractors, architects and financial institutions to complete projects. Boraie Development also has a special interest in helping to enhance urban communities in New Jersey. One of the underlying elements in this effort is to revive redevelopment activities in urban areas that have essential value. This explains the partnership between the Shaquille O’Neal and the company during the $7 million renovation of the Cityplex movie theater.
The establishment of the $60 million rental complex is another breakthrough for Boraie in its effort to make New Jersey a better place to live. The development was again a partnership with the basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. For O’Neal, bringing up developments in Newark comes from his desire to give back to his city of birth. Boraie seems to share in the same sentiments having been on the fore front in enhancing urban communities in New York. Other projects involving the partnership include a retail complex in Atlantic City and a market-rate housing facility in Newark. Clearly, the partnership seems to be growing more and stronger.

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