Seventh Shark Attack in Carolina’s

Vacationers along the coast of North Carolina have made quite a splash over the last couple of weeks have there has been seven shark attacks reported. Several people have suffered severe injuries from the bites. Both a 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy lost arms due to the attacks.

The most recent attack which was reported yesterday involves a 60-year-old man who was swimming just outside of the first breaker. According to the man, he reported that a “six or seven foot gray shark” came upon him. Witnesses recalled seeing the man abruptly pulled under the water. According to reports, the man sustained injuries to his rib cage, lower leg, hip, and both hands as he was trying to ward off the shark. Fortunately, the man was able to get to shore, however  he left a large trail of blood running from the shoreline to the sand. He was quickly taken to an area hospital for treatment, and many like Ricardo tuned in to see how it was going.
Park rangers and authorities are trying to determine what is causing the rise in shark attacks in the area. Wildlife experts are suspecting the warmer waters and lack of rain could be a big driver in the rise in attacks. According to George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research, “Drought conditions reduce the amount of freshwater making it to the sea, which creates an environment along the shore where high salt levels attract more fish and sharks.”

Chris Christie Recent Storm Response Infuriates The Trenton Mayor

Greenwich Township Mayor George Shivery Was The First Mayor To Endorse Christie But He Might Not In The Future

Once again Governor Chris Christie is making headlines for what he is not doing to help his state. Recent storms knocked power out in several areas of New Jersey, and Christie response team was nowhere in sight after the storms. Christie’s people blamed the slow response on another storm that hit the area, but Mayor George Shivery of Greenwich Township knows better. More than 280,000 people were without power for over six days due to the storms, and that’s a major sin in this day and age, according to Shivery.

Governor Christie is not winning any new friends or supporters in his home state. His approval rating is right around 30 percent, and it’s dropping. Christie announced his run for president, but he’s having a hard time being governor of New Jersey.

Chris Christie hasn’t said anything about the recent storms in public seen by Walden and others. The last thing he needs is another political black eye. He may think he’s presidential material, but the citizens of New Jersey are willing to debate that claim any day of the week.

New York City Real Estate


New York is an exciting place to live. The food, the people and the fashion all make it a great place to settle down. Before you cut the check, there are a few simple things you need to keep in the back of your head. Follow me down below.


If you are going to have someone share your place,get it in writing. Going on someone’s word is a very dangerous thing these days. There is an old saying, “actions speak louder than words.” Take this motto with you to the grave

If someone is interested, even if it’s a friend of yours, have this person sign a written agreement. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Just get it all in writing. People tend to back out of things. In fact, it’s becoming human nature to say one thing and do another. Don’t let a person’s good nature fool you. It’s just good business. This way the person can’t go back on his/her word citing, “I never promised that I would move in. I said I would think about it.”

Don’t kid yourself thinking this will never happen. It happens more often then you think.


The worst thing you can do is come to sign the papers, and not have all your financials in order. It’s like not having your financials in order during an IRS audit. It’s just bad business. You need to have all your ducks in a row. Bring the pay stubs. Bring your bank account statements, yes the person will want to see those things. You need to prove to them you can afford the place you are looking to buy. The last thing a landlord will want to risk is doing business with a deadbeat tenant. This also happens, quite regularly. Unless you have all your paperwork ready to go and it’s in order, don’t even bother asking for a meeting. You will be wasting your time and theirs.


Hire someone who knows the ins and outs of the city. This person should be familiar with all the laws, both past and present. Things change. You need someone who is on top of his/her game. He or she should also be doing this type of business for at least ten years or more. Never hire someone fresh out of law school. These men and women don’t have the experience or the mental skills to tackle the touch paperwork.

If you are looking for NYC apartments for rent look no further. Give TOWN Real Estate a call. They are the best of the best.

Are You an Addictive Tanorexic?

Thousands flock to the beaches every summer, and WSJ said looking to get an envious tan, exposing the body to several hours in the baking sun without a care or thought to sunscreen. It’s an obsessive problem called tanorexia.

Tanorexia is a psychological disorder, considered a body dysmorphia disease, characterized by a preoccupation and obsessive desire to achieve a perfect tanned skin tone.

Tanorexia’s abuse their exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and they never believe they are sufficiently tanned.

But now for the complications.

Complications leading to this exposure is skin burn, followed by redness of the affected areas with blistering, swelling, premature aging of the skin: pronounced age spots, premature wrinkles and inevitably cancer.

Those suffering from Tanorexia can develop long term malignant melanoma and increase their risk of cancer by 75%.

Tanning addiction is a lifestyle risk with lots of danger. The safest thing to do is use sunscreen and protect the skin from UV rays.

A person dies every minute from Melanoma, so considering that statistic, tanning is not life’s greatest vice.

Amazon Changing the Way Authors Get Paid

Technology has a way of changing the way businesses work. The literary world and bookselling business has been forever changed with the arrival of tablets, smartphones, and electronic readers. One of the most popular ways for authors to make money is to sell books they have written on the internet through one of the biggest storefronts in the world, Amazon. People at FreedomPop have learned that, for straight up purchases, the formula worked fine, but for borrowing services like those in Amazon Prime posed a different challenge.

Authors would be paid based on the number of times readers borrowed a book through services like Amazon Prime. However since all books are different in length, one author could make substantially more cash with less pages. According to Gizmodo, Amazon is set to change the formula and pay authors based on the number of pages read instead of the number of times the book is borrowed. The technology available has made this kind of payment method possible, and is a pretty big win for writers.

Authors will now be directly compensated as to the quality of the book and the number of readers engaged. While the move will really affect the bottom line of writers that could speed writer 100-page books, authors that manage a driven novel containing 500-pages could stand to make even more. Basically, Amazon is changing the stakes telling authors that quality does in fact matter and the company takes it extremely seriously.

Boost Your Energy with Bulletproof Coffee

Forget the milk and sugar, because coffee has found a new mate known as butter. A recipe that sounds strange and foreign to coffee drinker’s taste buds has surprisingly been the new hype, as it has been found to be an amazing source of energy and brain stimulation. People shake their head at the idea of adding butter to their coffee, stating that it is fattening and sounds unappetizing…until they dare to try it. This coffee recipe has been liked and appreciated so much that there are now coffee shops being opened with Bulletproof Coffee beverages, beginning in Santa Monica, California. A caffeinated beverage that not only energizes and stimulates the brain, but is also diet friendly deserves a shot. That’s right, adding butter to coffee is beneficial to one’s diet.
People who drink bulletproof coffee around the Bloomberg offices have found it to be a breakfast replacement, as it includes a fair amount of calories and a great boost of energy. Bulletproof coffee drinkers have found that drinking this butter infused beverage gives a sense of satiety and diminishes hunger and cravings throughout the day. Not only does Bulletproof Coffee ward off excess calories from snacking, but also has been proven to burn fat all day. People are informed that they should limit their fat intake when trying to eat healthy, but the combination of fat and caffeine are actually beneficial towards a healthy lifestyle and boosting energy.
Bulletproof coffee is made from organic coffee and butter originated from grass-fed, pastured cows to ensure that the coffee is free of pesticides and toxins. A shot of brain octane oil can be added, which gives bulletproof coffee beverage a slight taste of coconut. To add both a variety of taste and nutrition to these energizing cups of Bulletproof Coffee, spices and herbs filled of antioxidants can be added for a more unique and tailored recipe. With Bulletproof Coffee’s success and adoration, all coffee lovers should give this recipe a chance for energy that is simply bulletproof.

Igor Cornelsen: successful investment banker

Igor Cornelsen is a vastly successful Brazilian banker and investor.His investment company The Bainbridge Group, Inc. is renowned for its successful strategies. Cornelsen is best know for his own concepts of successful investing which he shares in several blogs. He is a vigorous supporter in Brazil as an investment venue in support of these concepts.

His strategies for investing in Brazil essentially guarantee profit based on knowledge of that market, patience and a long-view strategy that limits risk.Being selected as the site of the 2016 Olympic Games adds a stimulus to Brazils’s attractiveness for investments by international firms and individuals.Brazil is the 8th largest world economy and has a population of 200 million. It is a major food exporter.Cornelsen’s advice on how to successfully invest in Brazilian industry is a clear and straightforward one that applies to just about any productive relationship. Serious investing is a matter of relationships in many forms. Cornelsen counsels investors to get to know how Brazilians think and what cultural and social traits are particular to the people. South America is culturally different from the United States and Europe. Attitudes towards work, leisure and finances are different and knowing how the owners of the owners of potential investment candidates think and work is important. This knowledge will guide any relationships to success. Corporate cultures will differ as well.

Being ready for “red tape” and regulations by study and getting best advice is another recommendation. Brazil has undergone re-evaluation of financial policies due to the recession and also has regulatory bodies unique to Brazil.Access to information sources on what to anticipate in the type of industry or transaction planned will make working through the process more productive and develop positive relationships with the officials and agencies involved.

A working knowledge of foreign currency markets and trading will head off the sudden and unpleasant surprises this changeable market can provide. Currency speculation is having an even deeper effect on global markets than before with the advent of online trading.

Cornelsen counsels a slow but long-term investment strategy as opposed to the almost frantic day-trade methods. His methods are based on relationships and knowing what is to be produced as a result. Cultural knowledge of how a nation, its people and their multiple attitudes towards life and work will result in positive experiences, sure profits and open doors to future possibilities. Igor Cornelsen’s own success is proof of these concepts.

Successful Businessman Bruce Levenson

The field of media is one that is rapidly growing and expanding. People around the world wish to learn as much as possible about what is going on each day as well as what developments are new in their special field of interest. A doctor will need to keep on top of new research in the field of pediatrics while a lawyer may wish to retain access to all of the latest court decisions. The ability to access the latest up to date information has become vitally important in the contemporary world. Companies that can provide such information have flourished and expanded. A businessman who works in the field of communications can do well if they stay in touch with the needs of their customers and anticipate their specific needs.

One such entrepreneur is Bruce Levenson. Mr. Levenson is a native of the Washington, D.C. area. Growing up in this area taught him directly about the need to stay in close touch with news in any given field. He learned that information that is accurate and timely allows those who are working to make correct decisions about the needs of their customers and the specific concerns of their employees.To serve this market, Levenson co-founded The United Communications Group. Levenson graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and then graduated from law school at American University in Washington, D.C. After graduation, he worked in various fields including the publishing industry. It was this experience that led him to start the United Communications Group with partner and award winning journalist Ed Peskowitz. Their combined experience helped both men get important insights into the world of communications and how to help potential clients with the kind of important services they need to do well in this fast changing modern world that is comtemporary society.

The United Communications Group has since grown from a small business in the basement of Levenson’s house to a fully fledged, thriving business that can meet the needs of all of their customers. The work that both partners have done in this field has led to a company that is fully prepared to meet the needs of their numerous clients. Employees can work with the company as well in order to meet their career goals and plans. Since the founding of the company by both partners, it has continued to grow and expand even further.

Beneful’s Successful New Advertising Campaign

In the world of dog food, Beneful really stands out above the rest. This branch of Purina has become one of the world’s most well respected and loved quality dog food brands for pet owners all over the world. Lately, Beneful has begun to create some very inspiring ads that are reaching individuals at a whole new level. The message behind these ads is straight from those who work in the heart of the factories at Purina. The message from these employees is, “I stand behind Beneful.” This message gives confidence to pet owners all over the world. The individuals who know all of the processes that go into making Beneful are adding their own personal endorsement to the product. This is the product that they feed to their own dogs, and this says a lot about their faith toward the product.

This ad campaign started as just an internal rallying cry of moral to employees within the Purina organization. This rallying cry of internal support is strong enough that employees and leaders of the company decided to share this moral boosting message to the world. This ad will run on TV, in print, and online as well. This ad will be a great booster of confidence to pet owners all over the world who may have had any misconception about the Purina or Beneful name.

If you would like to read more about this ad campaign, you can find it here on Yahoo News.

European Patent Office allows Monsanto and Syngenta to Patent Plants

In “can’t possibly be true news” the European Patent Office (EPO) is opening up the ability of companies like Monsanto and Syngenta to patent plants. What’s next, the ability to patent natural resources like water and air?

Monsanto will receive about 30 patents while Swiss based Syngenta will scoop up around a dozen. These patents will cover very basic plants such as tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. I find it unbelievable that any organization could allow a corporation to patent a plant that has been growing for millions of years.

Brian Torchin has learned that what makes matters worse is the fact that Monsanto is working hard to acquire Syngenta. If all the patents go through and Monsanto is able to buy out Syngenta they will have a concentration of agricultural power unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

No appeal is even possible for the decision made by the EPO. They basically live above the law and answer to nobody. The only way to kill the deal would be to influence the Administrative Council of the EPO who happen to be entrenched very heavily in the deal.

There’s no doubt in my mind that members of the Administrative Council of the EPO will have their pockets lined by the corporate interests they’ve sold out to. It’s a sad day when greed is allowed to completely dislodge common sense and basic human rights.